Transformers Review: Portals

Bumblebee RIDYep, we are trying to catch up.  Here is the review of the tenth episode of season two of Transformers: Robots in Disguise, entitled Portals.  Let’s hope this episode is better than the last one.


That would be bad.


I’m missing Sideswipe.

Wow, Fixit screw up.  What a shock.

Soundwave superior, these Autobots definitely inferior.



But these accidents keep happening.

Samurai Fixit????

How is Soundwave, master of communications, not hearing them?

Bumblebee, your solution is obvious.


I’ve heard worse shippings

You’d think Decepticons would know better than trust each other.

It would probably be best if they were separated.

Not more  Fixits.



So, we have a wannabe Soundwave that appeared to have very little communications specialization, who never appeared to be that big of a threat minus his hentai tentacles.  I get that he was featured in the Prime series, but as we never watched it, we are watching it as distressed G1 fans trying to connect with the current series.  Plus, we see them trying to push Steeljaw as some ultimate big-bad, but it just doesn’t work.  ALmost any of the original Decepticons, including Reflector, would seem like a better top bad guy.

Still, this episode did carry on the overall narrative of the season, and was a better episode than most of this season.  We’ll be generous and give it a generous 3.5 snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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