Sailor Moon Crystal Review: Episode 29 – Ripples

Sailor MoonThey are definitely trying to make episode and act counts difficult with Sailor Moon Crystal this season.  Thus, let’s just call this Episode 29 – Ripples.  (After all, that’s what Crunchyroll did.)  Will we learn more about these mystery sailor scouts?  Is they any doubt?

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3:16  Poor thing.

4:04  These people have issues.

6:01  Can you say… oblivious?

6:40  What is it with the girls in that family that they want to call other girls beautiful?

8:27  All three sleeping together?  OMG.

10:51  Don’t worry…you have nothing to fear from her with Mamaru,  Trust me.

11:38  She really shouldn’t ask, given that she’s not known for being perceptive.

12:56  Purify?

14:59  Oh Ami.

15:52  Well that was random.

17:07  But they do

17:58  That seems like an awful lot of students for a private school camp.

19:53  When did this become Final Fantasy?

21:26  Wow that did not take long

21:51  I ain’t afraid of no deaths.

22:34  Now Sailor Neptune, on the other hand, could be worried…



Not sure what to say about this episode.  It was nice seeing the girls hanging out and celebrating a birthday. However, I am not digging the villains and, since I already know about the outer senshi, I really don’t care about the mystery behind them.  Well, maybe a little bit for the future Sailor Saturn.  I guess if I was totally knew to the series I might like it more.  Still, seeing Sailor Moon easily dispatching a villain doesn’t really make them look like a threat, even if it was a lower-level one.  Then again, it does beat seeing Autobots in the current series getting their posteriors handed to them by inferior Decepticons.

BTW, the lesbianishness of Uranus and Neptune is definitely not getting subtle.

With things to like and not like about the episode, I will give it a generous 3.5 snowflakes out of 5.


Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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