Transformers Review: Bumblebee’s Night Off

Bumblebee RIDSorry for the lack of posts…we’ve been sick here at Icygeek headquarters.  Anyways, let’s get back into action with a Transformers: RID review two weeks late: Bumblebee’s Night Off.  We hadn’t reviewed this yet because after watching the Stan Bush concert at BotCon, and then going to BotCon, we didn’t want to spoil our Transformers rush by watching a Bee Team episode.  Considering this episode is set in a concert, maybe that was a bad thing or even more of a good thing.


Sarcastic Grimlock could work

A TRAINing mission?  (sorry, not sorry)

He got the jump on him (again, sorry/not sorry)


Bee marking out?  I knew this episode was going too well.

He really had to knock that over just for the story?


On man this is getting convoluted

Squishies?  How racist.

What kind of art do you expect from a Dinobot?

That worked?



I don’t like multiplayer either

A picture with the singer…yes, that’s cool.

Stan Bush and Bedford


That’s what that ‘Con gets for being shellfish.

Still not sorry.

This was one of the better Bee team episodes, which is like saying one ulcer is better than another.  How Bumblebee could hear the concert from the parking lot but not inside the stadium was a bit odd, and we could have definitely used less goofy expressions from Bee, but the episode definitely worked by having most of the rest of the team not being around.  Individual Autobots aren’t bad in this series, but the team dynamics are problematic.  It’s so strange that the G1 show could handle having 18 Autobots so well, but concentrating on 4-5 in this series makes thing bad unless the focus is so hard on one.

All in all, much of what makes this series bad was toned down.  For most shows this episode would be a 3.5, but given that it’s a RID episode I feel generous in giving it 4 snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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