Sailor Moon Crystal Review: Act.27 INFINITY 1 Premonition – Second Part

Sailor MoonSorry for the lack of updated this week: once we finally recovered from BotCon we had a crazy week here at Icygeek headquarters.  But anyways, we are back with another Sailor Moon Crystal review, en episode entitled: Act.27 INFINITY 1 Premonition – Second Part.  Now that we’ve seen the first episode of the new season, let’s see if the secodn episode gives us a better idea how it will progress.

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0:55  Sigh!  Crystal had been free of this

1:31  This is going to be a painful episode, huh?

2:31  Still prefer the previous seasons’ opening theme better

3:24  Yep, painful

4:46  Cool.

5:47  Are the witches as expendable as last season’s sisters?

7:06  Generous dude.

8:37  I wondered if they would remember they had the pen.

9:16  Sixty stories?

9:57  I only just remembered who did.

10:14  Cute pun.

11:00  Sheesh.

11:29  Not quite

12:04  Hellooooo

17:20  I should have counted how many minutes they use up with the transformation scenes.

18:37  Did they really need to be warned of that?

20:50  Poor kitty.

21:33  That’s why you don’t tell little kids things

22:33 C’mon, they look like what?


What do you know…it does get better.

The first few minutes made us worry.  A lot of the over-the-top screwball silliness of the original anime was not in the first two season of Crystal, but it came back in full force early on.  We hadn’t really missed it, so lets hope we don’t get too much more later on in the series.

After the costume pin was ignored for the entirety of the second season, we are glad the pen came back for this episode.  It is an underrated tool for them, especially given Usagi’s lack of subtlety as times.

Well we finally got to see our final “outer senshi” this episode, and she feels pretty much like she did in the original anime…quiet and sickly.  Our lesbian duo of outer senshi were not on screen for that long, but you definitely got the vibe behind each character.

Out of fear of being too generous, we’ll give this episode 3.5 snowflakes out of five…the silliness at the beginning was worrisome.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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