Transformers R.I.D. Review: Misdirection

Break Transformers penguinIf it is time to be tortured, then it’s time for another Tranformers: Robots in Disguise review.  This time it is for Misdirection, the seventh episode of season two and the thirty-third episode of the series overall.  Please oh please let this episode be good.



He’s fallen, and he can’t get up


& BREAK???

Grimlock and new word = problems ahead.

Reward for their vehicles?


That’s a lot of Decepticons

Get him Strongarm

That seems rather… forced

BREAK (for some awful commercials of awful CN cartoons)

You actually did that Bee?

She did a little flim flam as well

Beware of cons in wolf’s clothing.



We need to find our classic G1 episodes as it is getting painful to watch R.I.D.  Especially when we get the Bee squad instead of Optimus’ side.  Bumblebee doesn’t make a good leader, Strongarm is boring, and Fixit is a sidekick.  Only Grimlock is at all interesting, but he can get to be a running gag at times.

Also, Steeljaw is no Megatron.  Or even Stascream, who at least has personality.

Also, I realize that as a middle-aged penguin that most of the shows on Cartoon Network are not geared to me at all, but it seems like every damn ad for one of their cartoons just annoy me to no end.  If I had a kid, there is no way I’d let my kid watch such drivel.  Lots of classic 80’s cartoons for them…I want to raise them right.

Let’s hope we get some Windblade nest episode.

2.5 Snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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