Transformers R.I.D. Review: Brainpower

Break Transformers penguinWelcome back to our reviews of Transformers: Robot in Disguise with the sixth episode of the second season of the show, entitled Brainpower.  The episode definitely brings back memories of the episode Grimlock’s New Brain from the 3rd season of G1 Transformers.  Is this episode as good?  Well…


Good job Grimlock.



Grimlock tailed him. (sorry/not sorry)

I think we all saw those toasters getting de-minted.

Fixit’s getting carried away now (again, sorry/not sorry)

Out loud.


Those Decepticon minicons can get annoying

Some times too much info is a bad thing.

That would be bad Grim.


Trick questions rule

The answer is you, Simicore.

Considering what we’ve seen on the Alchemor files, pictures are pretty much it.


That was a decent episode.

This was one of the better episodes of R.I.D.  Is it one of the greatest Transformers episodes ever?  No, but for R.I.D. it is a masterpiece.  The only real comparison between this episode and the classic Grimlock’s New Brain is the fact that a Dinobot named Grimlock got increased intelligence.

NOTE: We thought we had already published it, not realizing it was not.  Suffice it to say that if you wanted to watch an R.I.D. episode of this season, so far this is the one to watch.

3.5 snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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