Sailor Moon Crystal Review: Episodes 13 and 14

Sailor MoonWe guess we had too much corned beef & cabbage yesterday, as we missed posting our review of the 13th episode of Sailor Moon Crystal.  No worries, me bucko, as we’ll just combine the 13th and 14th episodes into a single review, which actually works quite well.  So here is our reviews of the episodes Act. 13 Final Battle – Reincarnation, and Act. 14 Conclusion and Commencement.

The episodes can be found on Crunchyroll at: and



1:43  Damn

3:36  Looks like you were.

4:40  I guess she now has 7 lives left?

6:49  A graveyard ought to have tombstones girl

10:29  Friendshop is magic…oops, wrong franchise.

12:45  So did it work or not?

18:46  Hel-lo

22:32  Still to be continued?


Episode 14

0:52  Be nice if they’d just do it

3:34  Chan chan chan.  chan chan chan.

5:11  Damn  they are padding for time

7:32  Goddess of the moon?

8:02  Ooh, pretty.

9:35  Definitely influenced by Disney, they were

16:41  Good as new?

19:25  Back to form

21:06  Ahh!

21:31  Rather forward.

22:18  And they bitch about American kids with guns.



Thankfully, the first storyline is over.

Previously I made an analogy about delaying things at work.  I can’t help but feel that the writes of the show didn’t have enough storyline for 13 episodes of the second storyline that was supposed to start this episode, so instead they stretched out the conclusion to the first season’s story into the 14th episode, which made the last few episodes weaker than the episodes before it.


Even with the weaker later episodes of the first season in Crystal, I still like the first storyline better than the corresponding one in the original Sailor Moon anime.  Almost every episode counted, the enemy knights seemed more competent (probably due to losing less battles, even if neither really won any), and a lot of unnecessary plot complications were avoided.  Personally, we found that the knights of Beryl’s being the former lovers of the Sailor Scouts were a nice touch, and the characters that could be annoying (Usagi and Rei) had their excesses reduced to a very palatable amount where the character stayed true to the original, but better expressed.  If someone entirely new to Sailor Moon asked us which to watch, we would say that Crystal is better, althro a younger or more corny-loving fan of anime might want to watch the original as well.

We’ll give the final two episodes of season one 4 snowflakes out of 5, mostly for a satisfying ending that could have used some editing.

Next week we begin looking at the second season of Sailor Moon Crystal.  Not that we are holding a gun to your head, althro that mysterious little girl we saw in the end might.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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  1. 0mega140 says:

    no, sorry but no, the version original of anime was better.

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