Transformers Review: Metal Meltdown

Break Transformers penguinWhy wait for Tuesday for a Transformers review?  Today we have the third episode of the second season of Transformers: Robots in Disguise, entitled Metal Meltdown.  After a less than stellar opening two-parter, does the third episode make up for it?  Ehh, kinda…


Yep, a grasshopper Decepticon

Which turns into a dragster?  Cool.


More metal squirrel death? Oookay.

There were any left from the season one opener?

Dinobot vs. Insecticon?  This G1 fan says coooool.


Swashbuckling Insecticon?  Cool.



This “trophy” business is a bad plot device.

Scrap indeed.


Good thing Strongarm had a…strong arm.

Decent trophy

Don’t think you fit the motif Steeljaw.


And it was going so well.

We were definitely enjoying this episode.  Once we saw Kickback and then Saberhorn, we were reveling in G1 goodness of a whole bunch of Insecticons.  The fight between Saberhorn and Bumblebee was awesome…until Russell had to screw it up.  Russell had to be the Jar Jar of the episode.  First, he looked ridiculous as a security guard, and then a convenient plot device of him collecting trophies, which was never mentioned before, develops just in time for him to pull a Code:Stupid and get made a hostage.  To think people crapped on Hot Rod making himself a hostage for Megatron in the good Transformers movie.  At least Hot Rod had some some of reason to get in the midst of the battle…Russell didn’t.  It wrecked the episode.

It definitely helped to focus on just three Autobots, and seeing a host of Insecticons gave us a lot of hope for the series moving forward, and we almost would have considered making this perhap the best episode of this Transformers series ever.  However, Russell killed it.

We would have given this episode a 4.5 out of five snowflakes, but Russell wrecking things, we have to give it a 3.5, and considered making it just a 3.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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