Transformers Review: Overload Part 2

Break Transformers penguinWelcome back to Transformers Review.  Today we are looking at the latest episode of Transformers: Robots in Disguise entitled Overload, Part 2.  The last episode, which we reviewed that week, wasn’t that good.  How’s this one?  Well…


So they just left Optimus hanging?

Optimus should not be so humiliated


Why isn’t Drift and Wingblade in the intro???

Interesting color change Op.

Scouted by scouts?


Way to go Sideswipe /sarcasm

The Autobots should never appear to be all wet.


Actually, a sonic call might have uses underwater

Way to put him in his place Op.



Well, that was better.

We are still not big on Optimus being weaken, but at least some of his wisdom was demonstrated.  Teaching the Autobots how to alter their colors is a great idea….to give reasons for reusing molds by issuing the same characters, but in different colors.  Being one with penguins, arctic/polar colors are a nice ide and, in this one episode, practical.  However, that is not enough to give high praise to the episode.

As for the Bumblebee story arc…it was there.  Bumblebee just isn’t believable as a powerhouse, which is what he needed to be in order to be believable.  It doesn’t help that the cartoon style of the series works for Bumblebee and the recruits, but it makes the face of Overload make the entire Decepticon as a bit of a goof (and the Shakespearian dialogue doesn’t help there either).  Optimus has the same problem, but it at least helps that he is, well, Optimus.

In the end, an OK episode, but nothing recommended.  Three snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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