Transformers-Robots in Disguise Review: Overload Part 1

Break Transformers penguinIt’s been awhile, but we have new Transformers: Robots in Disguise to review, and we start with the season two opener Overload Part 1.  When we left off last season, the team had Optimus Prime finally join them for good as they defeated Megatronus.  The previous season had its moments, but mostly relied on our prior Transformers love to watch it.  Is it getting any better?  Well…


I have never seen such bored robots

Resoect for Optimus is the highest commandment



What a jackass.

Bad Bot Bashers?  Is that the new running gag this season?

That’s not good


You want gently from Grimlock???

They had a chance for a polar Transformer and it’s not a penguin?  FAIL!!!


A hammy-actor Decepticon?  Sheesh.


What a dull season opener.

One thing the premiere episodes had going for them last season was a great opener.  This wasn’t it.  We get that Overload was an imposing threat to Optimus and Bumblebee in a previous episode, but the art style for this series doesn’t help make Decepticons look threatening.  Also, the last thing we want is a weak Optimus.  I understand that there is the desire (definitely not a need) to make Optimus and Bumblebee on the same level, but it should be done the capitalist away of making Bumblebee stronger, not the socialist way of making Optimus weaker.

Also, the rivalry between Strongarm and Sideswipe should be lessened this season, not overblown to the point of childishness,  More Wingblade is never a bad thing, but other than making Optimus look weak (which should never happen), the “away team” mission was unneeded diversion from what appears to be the main story involving Overload.

Rating this a generous 2 out of 5 snowflakes.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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