Anime Review: Digimon “The Birth of Greymon”

Digimon PenguinmonEarlier this month we reviewed the first episode of Digimon.  Today we review the second episode, entitled…The Birth of Greymon?  How was it?  Just slip into your pajamas, get a pillow, and read our review.



The episode can be found at



0:29  I always liked their episode recaps better than others

2:02  Something’s fishy about this

7:18  That’s not hair, that’s a flower

9:15  Now we know why cell phones caught on.

13:55 I wouldn’t lame them if they left Joe behind.

20:18  I have never seen such spoilery end credits.



Have never seen the second episode before, we were hopeful.  We should not have been.  Quite frankly, we had a lot of talking and not enough action.  Much of what was added here to set up the plot of the series should have been merged into the first episode.  As for the fight…meh.  Meh pretty much describes it.  Meh pretty much describes the whole show.  If I was new to the series, there is only 2 characters I really care about: Tai and Izzy.

If you have never watched Digimon before we recommend skipping these first two episodes unless and until you become a fan of future episodes, and then come back to watch them as a curiosity.  Otherwise, very skippable.

Two snowflakes out of five.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.


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