Magic Monday: Happy Presidents Day

Andrew JacksonHere on Magic Monday we like to celebrate Magic: the Gathering.  However, we here at Icygeek are huge American history geeks as well.  Therefore, to celebrate the day, here are 10 new MTG cards we created to celebrate Presidents Day.  We didn’t get to do all 43, but these 10 cards should satisfy y’all until next year.

George Washington

There was no greater leader of men than Washington, and with his abilities to getting soldiers where they need to be, and being hard to personally kill, the abilities make sense.

Thomas Jefferson

For those that don’t get it, look up the Louisiana Purchase and Sally Hemings.  These abilities were easier to devise then to come up with something to reflect the Declaration of Independence.

Andrew Jackson

For those who don’t get this card, look up the history of Florida’s entry to American control, and the Trail of Tears.  We should note that we created these cards to show historical knowledge, not political correctness.

William Henry Harrison

Being historians from Indiana, we know what a big deal Harrison actually was.  However, most only know him for one thing, so the card reflects that.  Besides, we already made a joking reference to Indians already, so no need for another one.

Abraham Lincoln

Given how divisive he was, plus the fact he was known to chop wood, we gave him abilities to reflect that.  We considered giving him abilities to reflect him as a vampire slayer, but we resisted.

Teddy Roosevelt

We knew we had to make a card for each President on Mount Rushmore.  Given his fame as an environmentalist (while such beings were still sane) and for being the namesake of teddy bears, we created an appropriate card.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Given how he prolonged the Great Depression, we made sure his abilities reflect what he did.  (The United States did not recover until the end of World War II when the USA was the only major country that was not crippled by the conflict.)

Richard Nixon

Think Watergate.

Mount Rushmore

Making all these President cards, we knew we had to make a Mount Rushmore.  We also wanted a view of the monument different than what one normally sees.

warm springs

We decided to make this a challenge to those who follow us.  This is the 10th and final President’s Day we planned to make today.  Here is the challenge: why does this card fit in with our theme for today?  You can answer us at


We hope you enjoyed this tribute to Magic and Presidents Day.  Maybe next year we’ll create cards for James Polk, Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant, and Ronald Reagan.  Let us know what you think of these.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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