D&D Saturday: Love Lord Pact

Welcome back to D&D Saturday.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  We had been planning for months for this day to be the day we debut the last of our Synn Plane pacts: the Lust pact.  However, it has been impossible to decide which spells and what abilities would be appropriate to use for this pact, especially since we penguins believe in being a cut above the rest.  Deciding what we would do instead, we instead chose to use the idea of love.  Below is the Love Lord Pact

The Love Lord Pact

Most warlocks develop pacts with mysterious and often dark patrons.  Yours, however, is focused on seeing love, and wants to see more of it.  Perhaps it is just a .well-meaning patron, maybe it is a patron who hopes that with more love around, the population increases which will somehow increase its goals.  Either way, you are to promote love.

Expanded Spell List

Like other warlock pacts, you have an expanded spell list, which aids in the abilities to spreading love.

1st  Cure Wounds, Detect Magic
2nd  Cordon of Arrows, Lesser Restoration
3rd  Beacon of Hope, Speak with Dead
4th  Aura of Purity, Locate Creature
5th  Dominate Person, Raise Dead

Amorous Arrows

The legend of Cupid or a Cupid-like figure is well known thru the planes.  At 1st level the Love Warlock gains proficiency with short and long bows, and has a non-magical short bow.  He may cast any spell as if launching an arrow, increasing the range of most spells he knows (althro self spells can only be cast on those he loves, but not necessarily romantically).  When using these spell arrows, the warlock is considered to have the Sharpshooter feat.  These are not physical, butt mystical, arrows, therefore it does not do regular arrow damage, but instead the daage that spell would inflict, if any.

Pact Boon

Like other pacts, you gain your choice of a pact boon at 3rd level.  If you choose Pact of the Chain, your familiar will usually be a doves or whatever signature animal is usually associated with love in your world.  If you choose Pact of the Blade, your weapon will usually be la bow, althro lassos, nets, and mancatchers are certainly thematically acceptable.  If you choose Pact of the Tome your tome will usually look pink or gold.

Love to be Found

The Love Warlock knows the value of love by others.  Once per short rest, the warlock can touch a person and have him seek out the best match for him within range, with the range being a number of miles equal to the warlock’s level.  The target will be favorably disposed to the one seeking them out due to the warlock, but the love connection is not automatic…the two must meet and interact.

Wings of Love

The easier it is to travel, the easier it is to spread love.  At 10th level you may sprout wings, with a flight speed equal to your land speed.  You can be wearing no armor except light or magical armor, and even then only armor of medium weight or less, with the wings spouting out of the armor, with the armor unharmed even when you dismiss the wings.  You can use this ability again after a short rest.  Flying does not affect your ability to shoot arrows.

Love Thrall

Love can definitely overcome someone.  At 14th level you can create a thrall like a warlock with the Great Old One pact’s Create Thrall ability.  The thrall will often have what we on 21st century Earth would consider Stockholm’s syndrome after they are no longer enthralled, but not always.

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