Anime Review: Digimon “And So It Begins”

Digimon PenguinmonWelcome back to Anime Reviews here at Icygeek.  Today we look at the premiere episode of Digimon, called “And So It Begins”.  Digimon was never as big as Pokemon, but it definitely had its fans.  We at Icygeek watched most of the first and second seasons, but never saw the first episode, so this should prove interesting to see how the first episode went.

Too bad there was never a penguin Digimon highly featured, or else it would have been bigger than Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh. #justsaying #penguinlivesmatter

The episode can be found at Crunchyroll at


Did this intro really need to last a minute?

If he tosses and tumbles when sleeping, he’s heading for a literal fall.

Infrared internet connection?

Was these first five minutes created just to try to validate Algore?

Motimon’s actor originally portrayed Pinky of Pac-Man fames. *wink*

That’s a rather cute radish.

Nice teamwork.

Looks like they are headed for a fall.


For a first episode, it did quite a bit.  We were introduced to our seven main human characters and their seven Digimon partners, making it 14 main characters in total.  Then we see how these seven monsters have new forms which, in the same episode, we learn their names in this mode.  In later episodes each of these have at least 3 more modes apiece, for a total of 56 names total.  Damn.

However, this leads into the main problem of the episode, and maybe the series as a whole…too many protagonists.  Granted, in g1 Transformers there were EIGHTEEN Autobots, but here we have 14, with 7 of whom keep having new monikers.  Later episodes would keep the teams smaller, it that is not a bad idea, especially at first.  If the first episode just showed Tai and Izzy with their new Digimon and then in later episodes we found the rest of the crew, it would have worked mu better.  Still, Digimon had several seasons, so they did something right.

If you have never watched Digimon before, do so.  It is great fun.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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