Star Trek Review: The Next Phase

WHQ IconSorry about the unintended vacation.  While we at Icygeek try to not do that again, we do have this for you…a review of a classic episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation from its fifth season entitled The Next Phase.  The short summary is that, while the Enterprise answers a Romulan distress call, something bad happens to Georgi and Ensign Ro.


A minute in and Ro is already sassy

That’s not good


Ro’s already in the Acceptance phase

Picard can intimidate even those on the other side of the screen.

You could make better patterns Geordi.

Good tackle Geordi.

Jazz at a wake?  Interesting

Good shot Ro.

I haven’t been to a better funeral either


If there is one thing I wish regard TNG is that Ensign Ro had a bigger precense in the series, but considering that the actress backed out of doing Deep Space Nine as a regular cast member, I guess that was not to be.

If there is one thing that differentiates classic Trek from the current movies it is that classic Star Trek tried to be philosophical.  Granted, it often came from a convoluted place, but still it is there.  This episode in its first half questioned what the afterlife was like, but since they only had 40 some odd total minutes for the episode, they had to cut to the chase maybe a little too quickly.  Then again, Geordi was not one of the more philosophical characters on the show.

This episode works as a one-off episode, as Romulans are classic Trek villains who do not look like they will ever reform, althro Spock will try his best (see the Reunification episodes).  If you like the characters of Ro or Geordi you will definitely want to watch this episode, especially if you want to see Geordi kick a little ass for a change.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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