D&D Saturday: Penguinish Race for 5e (Crestian)

WHQ IconWelcome back to D&D Saturday.  Three days ago it was Penguin Awareness Day, and with that custom Magic cards of Disney penguins were made.  In that article, I promised something special for today, and here it is…a PC race for 5th Edition D&D based on the Rockhopper penguin…the Crestian.


For some reason, most of the known worlds are heavily populated by humans, elves, dwarves, and the traditional races on the northern hemispheres of their planets/  However, intrepid explorers discovered new races as they cross the equatorial lines, and the best received newly discovered race is the Crestian, who claim to be but a subrace, althro for now Crestians will be assumed to be similar to the other races/subraces like them.

These birdlike creatures do not fly, but are excellent swimmers, althro they do need to breathe air.  Crestians have noble beaks, bright yellow plumage (crests), and magnificent black and white bodies.  They have sought refuge on remote islands so that any potential enemies do not reach them.  But their curiosity is high, and they are strongly considering exploring the rest of the world, althro they are not big on going to higher temperatures.


Ability Score increases: Your Charisma score increases by 2, and your Constitution score increases by 1.

Age:  Crestians age similar to humans.

Alignment:  Utterly good, with a few embarrassing exceptions.

Size:  You are size small, althro it is said that those of a different subrace are considered medium.

Speed: You have a speed on 25 ft on land, and a swimming speed of 50ft.

Darkvision:  Due to often swim in oceans, Crestians have visions akin to an elf’s or tiefling’s.

Cool Customer: You have resistance to cold damage.

Storm Knowledge: You have advantage when learning powers and skills related to storms, water and cold, and casting them.

Born Swimmer & Jumper: All Crestians act as they have the Athletics skill when it comes to Swimming and Jumping, and have advantage if they have the Athletics skill when swimming and jumping.

Examples of Crestians in various Classes:

Barbarian:  Crestians are often feisty, and therefore some easily fall sway to this character class, althro most try to be too posh to submit to be a ruffian.

Bard: Crestians are usually seen as exceptionally cute by other races, but their singing voices are usually considered awful by other races.  Hence, Crestian bards usually perform acts that do not involve singing unless dealing with other Crestians.

Cleric:  Crestians worship a god named Drofdeb, who is interested in Knowledge, Travel, Life, and Goodness.  His symbols is 16 snowflakes in a pattern shaped like an X.

Druid:   Crestian druids like to focus on cold, beach, and island environments, althro it is said that there is another subrace who like deserts (who are considered insane) and another who likes forest, althro all will focuses on ones with easy access to a sea or ocean.

Fighter:  Few Crestians who choose a martial path become fighters, althro it is said that a smaller subrace on a far away land with the strangest animal ever often become fighters, and use strange weapons.

Monk:  It is said that there are monks who practice a martial art called Peng Gon Do, which focus on attacks by beak and clawed feet.

Paladin:  This is the martial class of choice by Crestians, and their irresistible charm serves these “palaguins” well.  Once again, Drofdeb is the usual god.

Psionicist:  It is said that in his mortal life Drofdeb was a psionicist, and thus many of his children choose to follow his path.  Most Crestians quickly develop skills in cryokinesis.

Ranger:  The second choice of martial classes for Crestians, the rangers are often the first Crestians explorers meet.

Rogue:  When Crestians can’t overcome their curiosity, they become rogues, althro most such Crestians become Bards instead.

Sorcerer:  Crestians love storm magic, and thus often become Storm Sorcerers.  Chaos Sorcery is also seen, but due to the lack of Dragons where Crestians live, few become Dragonic Sorcerers.

Warlock:  Crestians who seek special powers usually choose different classes than warlock, but those that do tend to excel at the class.  The less malevolent patrons are still preferred.

Wizard:  While Crestians tend to prefer to be sorcerers, Crestain wizards do exist, and tend to specialize in the magics that their race are naturally attuned to.

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