Magic Special: Penguin Awareness Day, Disneyfied

Donald Duck Penguin HunterToday is Penguin Awareness Day, the greatest idea for a holiday ever (or at least for a January holiday).  What better way to celebrate than with a bunch of Penguin magic cards.  Wait, what’s that?  There is only one card in all in Magic that references penguins, and it is an Unhinged card with ugly as hell artwork?  Ahh, guano!  Well, to make up for it, we’ve mocked up a bunch of penguin cards we designed for what a future Disney Magic: the Gathering set would look like, and posted them here.  Since these were mostly made prior to the summer of 2015, and much of it dates back to 2004, there is a lot of islandwalk and protection from blue here.  Still, what do you expect from penguins?


Waiter Penguin

Trust us to know every example of penguins in Disney.  First off are the penguin waiters seen in Mary Poppins and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  Both sources are reflected with the artwork from the first and the quote from the latter.  Originally the card gave a “until end of turn” to any creature, but with this post it’s been tweaked to a permanent counter, but only for two specific types.


Peculiar penguins

This is from the Silly Symphony called Peculiar Penguins.  We thought a tutoring effect would be a great idea for penguin tribal.









Pet Penguin

This is from the cartoon Donald’s Penguin.  We’ve always dug permanent cards which you cast but your opponents get.  This card’s drawback fits well for what the penguin did in the cartoon.








Cold-Blooded Penguin

This is from the cartoon The Cold-Blooded Penguin from the animated movie The Three Cabelleros.  In the cartoon our hero, Pablo, is a penguin who doesn’t like the cold; he wants heat, and goes thru a lot of effort to get warm.  Theoretically, this could be turned into a Legendary creature, as Pablo is one of a kind.  I originally gave it islandwalk, as it denotes swimming, then realized that Pablo uses a boat…he freezes if he swims.






Baby Penguin

In The Polar Trappers Donald Duck does the most evil thing imaginable: hunting penguins so they can be eaten.  However, one heroic baby penguin thwarts him and thus Donald and Goofy are the ones caged.








Penguin Cannon

This is from the Muppetvision 4d attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, where penguins are the orchestra, making it the greatest orchestra of all time.  Anyways, dues to the plot which I don’t want to spoil (definitely find it on Youtube sometime) the penguins feel oblige to use a cannon.  If you have seen the attraction you know the artifact works perfectly to capture the feel of what happened during the story.





Smoky Joe

The second artifact is also from The Cold Blooded Penguin.  It is the best friend Pablo has…a stove to keep it warm.  We only wish that the graphic we found for it didn’t make it look like an equipment, althro maybe it should be.

By the way, in case you wonder why you see the word “character”, in my Disney MTG I used that word instead of the word creature.  It’s a flavour choice that probably wouldn’t happen if there ever was a Disney MTG set.







We hope you have loved the celebration of Disney penguins and had a happy Penguin Awareness Day.  For you D&D players who feel left out don’t worry…you’ll get your penguin fix on Saturday.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

All artwork copyright of Walt Disney Productions,









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