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Welcome back to D&D Saturday.  This past week we at Icygeek finished the last book of the Finder’s Stone trilogy, Song of the Saurials.  It occurred to us that it is possible someone might want to play as a sister/brother of Alias.  There, we present to you the new background: Finder’s Child.

Finder tried numerous times to construct a human that would keep his songs in the Realms exactly as he performed it himself.  Some, like Flattery, turned out quite badly.  Alias, despite all the problems, was the best result of Finder’s research.  There were other copies of Alias made afterwards, and not all were encountered for.  Plus, who’s to say there weren’t more created.  Over a hundred years has passed officially since Alias, Dragonbait, and Olive toured the Realms, but other simulacrums made have awaken or Finder Wyvernspur, a CN god, might have made more.

Skill Proficiencies: Performance, one of the player’s choice from character class

Languages: Saurial

Equipment:  25gp


Feature:  Finder’s Legacy

A Finder’s Child was designed to carry forth Finder’s legacy when he was simply known as the Nameless Bard.  A PC with this background knows a multitude of songs created by Finder Wyvernspur, perhaps the greatest bard the Forgotten Realms ever knew.  These are all considered excellent and new songs to anyone who hears it, guaranteeing an appreciative audience.

Also, a PC with this background may choose to pick as a feat the ability to be impossible to be found by magical protection.  This protection extends to those who travel with the Finder’s Child as well.

Suggested Characteristics:



Examples of Finder’s Child in various Classes:

Barbarian:  There were many sisters of Alias unaccounted for, so for one to be so separated as to become a barbarian is certainly possible, but who knows what a barbarian tribe might make of Finder’s songs.

Bard: Finder was a bard, and the background’s features are certainly ripe for a bard, so go for it.

Cleric:  One of Alias’ sisters was a cleric of Tymora in Song of the Saurials.  Tymora was Finder’s patron deity.  Both Tymora and Finder would be an excellent patron deity.

Druid:   There was no known sister of Alias that was a druid, but there is no reason one couldn’t be.

Fighter:  Alias was a fighter, and she’s the best example of the background as it is.

Monk:  Many of the children were hidden, and a monastery would be a great place to stay hidden.

Paladin:  Prior to 5e, it would be odd for a CN deity of Finder to have a paladin.  Perhaps one found their way into paladinhood the way Alias became a fighter.

Psionicist:  This would be odd, given the magical creation of Alias and kin.  Then again, a little chaos might have made a psionicist possible.

Ranger:  Finder was a Harper, and Harpers were mostly bards and rangers, so rangers would make a great fit for a sister of Alias.

Rogue:  Olive was briefly with a sister of Alias who was a rogue.

Sorcerer:  With all the magic involved in the creation of Alias and her sisters, one could be so full of magic to become a sorcerer.

Warlock:  Many of the forces that helped in the creation of Alias were shadowy, so one could easily fall prey to the allure of accepting a pact.

Wizard:  The wizard Cassana was the principal reason that Finder found success with Alias, so it makes sense that a sister could also be a wizard.


Inspirations: the books of The Finder’s Stone trilogy by Jeff Grubb.  Start with Azure Bonds.  Excellent reading

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  1. Suikin says:

    This is Awesome! So few people seems to care about Finder trilogy, but I really love it!

    It seems to me that no GM would Allow the permanent nondetection, unfortunally, but I really like this BG!

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