D&D Special: Santa’s Villager Background

D&D LogoAs a make good for having to skip D&D Saturday, this holiday weekend we are celebrating with three days of giftgiving.  Today’s is a new backgroun: the Santa’s Villager

The Santa’s Villager comes from Santa’s own little home region, usually the North Pole.  He is all about the Christmas spirit and is often drafted to help Santa every year in spreading joy

NOTE:  Even if your campaign world doesn’t have a Santa, it is possible that some entity or organization wished to give toys to all good boys and girls.  Let your imaginations thrive.


Skill Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Religion

Tool Proficiencies:  Woodworking

Languages:  Any one additional

Equipment:  Woodworking equipment, cold-weather clothing, large sack, 15 gp

Feature: Santa’s Helper

Living next to Santa’s workshop has its advantages.  Not only are you familiar with all the toys available on the planet, but can build any wooden toy imaginable.  Also, the temperature range in which you are comfortable with will usually be cooler than others of your race, althro you will be more likely to suffer in hotter climes.

Suggested Characteristics:


The typical personality would be of someone upbeat and cheerful, althro there is bound to be a few “Bah, humbug” types.


Santa’s Villagers usually want to see no child unhappy, which is why they endeavor to see to it that every child gets a new toy every year.


Typical bonds would be with fellow villagers, kids they have helped, or maybe Santa himself.


Being over-generous or naive would be quite common.

Examples of Santa’s Villagers in various Classes:

Barbarian: These are likely to be Inuit whose lineage predates that of Santa.  They will often be the ones who feed the rest of the village.

Bard: Someone had to create all the Christmas songs.

Cleric: Santa was originally Saint Nicolas, so clerics would probably love to learn from the feet of of their kind who is immortal.

Druid: These are the villagers who raise the reindeer for Santa to use.

Fighter: Typically Santa values peace, but sometimes it is necessary to protect the village

Monk: Monasteries like to be secluded, and what is more secluded than the North Pole?

Paladin: Santa is all about charity, and so is the stereotypical paladin.

Psionicist: Who better to tell Santa who’s been naughty or nice.

Ranger: These are the reindeer trainers.

Rogue: Who better to help Santa sneak into houses than rogues?

Sorcerer: Magic that is different and whimsical could be all the inspiration Santa needs.

Warlock: There are those who draw power from Santa, so perhaps Santa has special warlocks who gain their powers from him?

Wizard: Who else could make reindeer fly, or create a reindeer with a bright, shiny nose.


All sorts of Christmas stories.

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