Potshotting: Santa’s Little Helper

Instead of reviewing a Christmas classic, we are instead looking at the new film Santa’s Little Helper, featuring the Miz and Paige, both from WWE.  Is this a fun Christmas flick, or bloody dreadful.  Well…


Wow, that WWE Studios logo clip is a bit pompous.

Well, he parked like he was handicapped.

And right off the bat you know Miz is a dick.,

Yeah uh-oh

Santa has a personal trainer?  Very 21st century.

This is her house.

I don’t think I could stand up to Paige looking at me like that either.

Yes, pants are a good idea.

Trump as Santa Claus?  Like we need to inspire more Trump funny pics this year.

At least this isn’t the Blue Oyster Bar

A Maryse cameo?  SCORE!!!

Too bad we can’t see more of his character on RAW

That’s a monkey suit?

All those things thrown at him and not one ball shot?

That birthday kid was obviously grinning behind all that smushed cake on his mouth.

We definitely need more Paige

Don’t you mean Hell-Hell-Hell?

Magic Mike?  *shiver*

Ear fetishism is a thing up North?

Lots of name dropping by the Miz.

The Miz is getting wrapped up in his work.

Wow, some Christmas Carol/Wonderful Life stuff here.

…and now Risky Business as well?  Bad Fitz.

Paige taking a cue from WCW Chris Jericho

She’s walking all over him.

There’s the testicle trauma I was expecting.

We’re supposed to feel sorry for the Miz?

Aww, poor Paige.  Can I kiss her and make her feel better.


This was a fun TV movie.  Is it an all-time Christmas classic?  No, but if you take it for what it is, it’s enjoyable.

Miz is a natural heel, so the first segment where he is nothing but a dick works quite well for him.  Paige is delightful in her role as an adversarial elf.  We could have used more Paige, but she might not have handled any more acting parts than she received, so sometimes less is more.

My only complaint is in the character of Fitz the elf.  He was totally pointless.  Totally cut him out and add more slapstick humor to replace him.  Santa was a lackluster character; Miz might have been the main guy, but Santa needs to have that certain presence, and this Santa didn’t have it.  Some Christmas presence, perchance?

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