Potshotting: Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Continuing our series of reviewing Christmas cartoons, here is our review of Mickey’s Christmas Carol…potshot style.  This was taken from the airing of of show on ABC Family.


Never noticed the three little pigs cameo before.

Would a single piece of coal do any good to heat up anything?

Broiled in his own pudding?  I think you can find that on the internet somewhere.

Those charity seekers definitely faced his wreath, err…, wrath.


There is definitely something…goofy…about that Jacob Marley. (sorry/not sorry)

When all else fails: slapstick.

Damn, they seriously edited down some of Goofy’s best bits in this version.

So Daisy  was willing to make out with her boyfriend’s uncle in thie cartoon? /kayfabe


They still made time for that lightpost/flashlight gag?

Was there more to the Tiny Tim scene than that?

Oh boy, what a grave thing to happen to Tiny Tim.

Talk about weaseling out of work. (again, sorry/not sorry)

Scrooge was heading for a fall?


Apparently the horse likes that stuff too.

Wow, a toy shop actually open on Christmas.

Toy and DAMMIT



Damn, I need to watch this unedited.  The original cartoon last almost 30 minutes, and here they had to add commercials, so it was slightly butchered.  Watching it from the DVR it cut out just before the ending, where Scrooge makes Mickey a partner.  (Hence the “dammit”.

This is perhaps the best Christmas cartoon, but do yourself a favor and watch it UNEDITED.  Don’t share in my pain.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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