Potshoting: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph Red-NosedIts been a Christmas tradition for 51 years, but still it deserves to be potshotted, err…reviewed.  So here is the official Icygeek review of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer…potshot style.


We’d have to be in a friggen Ice Age for Christmas to be cancelled everywhere in the world.

A talking snowman?  I’d have to see if you or Frosty were first.


It glows?  No kidding.

Why were Santa discriminate against a baby reindeer with a red nose?  He’s your lead babyface.  It’s like John Cena trashing people with handicaps.

If reindeer can fly, why they need to worry about a grounded, slow monster?

An elf dentist wouldn’t be so bad an idea if elves had bad teeth.


A reindeer named Butterball?  What a turkey of a name.

“We are Santa’a Elves” = weakest song of the show.

Why do dolls need teeth?  Or a temperature for that matter.

Oh, that deer is called Fireball.  Better name.

Maybe Fireball is jealous that you actually have a fireball for a nose?

Damn, reindeer are heartless jackasses.

Independent together?  Well, it worked for 232 years for the 13 American colonies.

Poor Bumble.  He just wants some venison.


Mush?  Actually, that sounds quite tasty right now.

This is the crappiest chase scene ever.

Kids would love a jelly shooting gun.  Their parents won’t, but the kids would.

A bird that does not fly is THE GREATEST THING EVER. #penguinlivesmatter

Looks like the Bumble found his venison.

That is the worst oinking ever.

Yukon, you ROCK.  (sorry/not sorry)

He may not have teeth, but he’d still have his brute strength.

C’mon, you should know you should always set dentist times for tooth-hurty. (2:30)

How can a thin Santa disappoint the children if they won’t even see him?

They no longer discriminate against you if they find you useful.. Learn that lesson kiddies.


That is one heck of a Bag of Holding Santa has.

Why does Santa get the last word in?  It’s RUDOLPH’s story, not his.


It’s hard to be rough on such a classic.  Like other Christmas specials from the 1960’s, it has been editted so more commercials can be aired, but honestly I don’t feel like I missed anything, except that it should have had some penguins in the show, North Pole or not.

This is the first time we’ve seen this in maybe twenty years.  Does it hold up.  Pretty much, althro the songs you don’t remember hearing ever before are forgotten for a reason.  Burl Ives should have probably song more, but I guess that’s what the Disney movie Summer Magic is for.

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