D&D Saturday: Greed Pact

D&D LogoHere on D&D Saturday we are indeed continuing our look at the warlocks of the Synn Planes.  Today’s is the Greed Pact for Warlocks in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

The Greed Pact

Your patron is unknowable dark spirits which are the actual overlords of the plane of Greed.  This plane attracts those that want to keep that which they have attained, and not do anything with.  This is not just about being charitable, but also those that would be wise to spend money but just can’t bear the thought of spending any of it.  Wealth storage is not the only form of greed…someone who needed to have all the best artwork, all the best furs, all the best, well, anything…save for maybe the best food, to which they might be aimed more towards the plane of Gluttony.  Warlocks of Greed and Envy are often each other’s enemies like no two other combinations of Synn warlocks are, as one wants to keep everything and the other covets everything.

Expanded Spell List

Like other warlock pacts, you have an expanded spell list, reflecting the covetous nature of your powers.

1st  Alarm, Identify
2nd  Arcane Lock, Locate Object
3rd  Leomund's Tiny Hut, Glyph of Warding
4th  Fabricate, Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum
5th  Creation, Passwall

Private Hoard

Greed Warlocks have a propensity for hoarding that puts dragons to shame.  At 1st level the Greed Warlock gains a small pocket dimension area based in the greed plane in which only he can access.  Any wealth he decides to place there can not be stolen from him.  Also, every day in which he spreads the ideals of greed, he gains 10 times X gold pieces into this hoard, where X equals his warlock level.  However, to access any wealth he has stored there he must make a Wisdom save in order to actually use this money instead of just hoarding it.  The DC is normally 20, but for each day he has not tried to access the hoard, the DC lowers by one to a minimum of 10.  He may never recover more then half the amount in the hoard at a single time.  Repeated attempts to access the hoard in a single day raises the DC by 1.

Pact Boon

Like other pacts, you gain your choice of a pact boon at 3rd level.  If you choose Pact of the Chain, your familiar will usually be a small dragon.  If you choose Pact of the Blade, your weapon will usually look gilded or bejeweled.  If you choose Pact of the Tome your tome will usually look like a medieval style checkbook.

Home Again

The Synn Planes know their own, and Greed Warlocks are no exception.  Starting at 6th level, you may travel at any time to the Plane of Greed.  This will usually take a minute unless 1) you are already on one of the other Synn Planes or 2) you have covered your chest with currency and/or jewels, in which case you will plane walk within seconds.  After a short rest you can travel back to the plane you came from.  Traveling once again to the Greed plane in this manner requires a long rest unless you are on another of the Synn planes, which then only requires a short rest.

Greed is Good for All

The plane of greed wants as many denizens as possible.  At 10th level you may teleport Xd4 hit dice of humanoids to the plane where X equals your current warlock level.  Those teleported will usually see right before their eyes all sorts of riches, althro they will be unable to keep more than 5gp per character level should they leave the plane.  Intelligent creatures who do not wish to be teleported must save against your spell save DC, using their wisdom; if they are miserly they have disadvantage.

Hoard from Heaven

Nothing could cheer a miser more than to see it raining money.  At 14th level the Greed Warlock learns how to use his personal wealth to damage his foes.  Every foe within a 20 foot radius from the warlock must make a Dexterity saving throw against the warlock’s DC.  A foe takes 13d6 damage from the attack, unless he makes the save, in which he takes only half the damage.  The warlock can not do more damage with the attack than the amount of gp he has in his hoard.  The wealth is not wasted, but instead goes right back to the warlock’s hoard.  He may use this ability again after finishing a long rest.

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