Magic Monday: Donald Duck, the Gathering

Donald Duck BerserkerSomething we at Icygeek have been toying with for the past 12-13 years is creating a Disney Magic: the Gathering set.  Our first version was done in 2004, but due to a bad website, it was not published until 2005.  Earlier this year at our friends at Superfriends Universe we did a second version, trying to make it friendlier to newbies and Wizards of the Coast, but it was rushed and the quality showed.  Still, this is a labor of love, and so we present our first five cards we would have if we did a Disney: the Gathering set…a cycle of Donald Duck cards.  (Hey, we amphibious avians have to stick together.)

The original 2004/5 Disney: the Gathering expansion is at and the Superfriends ones at


Donald Duck Caballero

One of the things I did was create all three Caballeros, each based on the color they mostly were.  This is Donald as his most placid, but still damaging as he protects his pals Jose and Panchito.


Donald Duck Royal Wizard

In both prior versions of the blue Donald card, he dealt with Flashback.  However, I want this set to eb something that Wizards might print, and since this has to be a newbie-friendly set, there was no way Flashback would make it in.  (The 2005 version had LOTS of things that would never make it in, including of all things Flanking.)  This was a close approximation, so I went with it.


Donald Duck Penguin Hunter

Despite WotC’s best wishes, Black is often seen as the evil color?  So when was Donald at his most evil?  Well, one of the most evil things you can do is hunt penguins, and in one cartoon he did try to lure penguins to their doom, so…


Donald Duck Berserker

One of the longest disagreements I have with Mark Rosewater is which color is Donald.  Maro sees Donald as Black, in that he is self-interested.  To me, Donald is mostly Red.  He is quite passionate, loses his temper often, and always seemed doomed to have bad luck.  Besides, how can he be selfish if he adopted his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie.  To me, if there was to be only one Donald card in a Disney expansion he needs to be Red, and this is the best representation of his redness.


Donald Duck Caveduck

Finally, we have Green.  There was a documentary called Donald and the Wheel where Donald, as a caveman, was persuaded to be the one who invented the wheel, and after several minutes of persuasion, he absolutely refused to be the inventor.  I knew I wanted this to be the anti-artifact Donald, but keeping it usable in a product that had to be newbie friendly was tricky.  I settled on this version, which is a take off of one of my favorite cards from back in the early days of Magic that was affectionately called the Mox Monkey.


You might note I made these Rare, not Mythic Rare?  Why?  Because one of the problem with licensed TCGs like Star Wars and Star Trek was that you often didn’t get the big characters like your Luke Skywalkers and Captain Picards…usually you only got some random Ensign that was in an episode once,  I’d make Mickey’s card be Mythic, but making Donald’s card simply Rare takes care of this feel bad, althro I would make all the rare cards in the set be legendary.  Yes, this hurt the Kamigawa block (but then, lots of things hurt that block), but this was the initial principle when I first designed these cards prior to the Kamigawa sets being released.  Also, no one cared about Kamigawa legends going in, but all these legendary creatures would be Disney characters who had pre-established fanbases and who would want to be guaranteed to have a name character in every deck they opened.

Join us next week for more Magic Monday.

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