Potshotting: Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales

In order to have all the commercials a modern broadcaster wants, and to not cut out anything from a Christmas classic like A Charlie Brown Christmas, it was decided to make it an hour long.  How does one do this?  They do it by throwing a bunch of paint on some animation cels and hope it works out well.  That is the story behind Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales.  Is it as good as the classic?  Weeell…


C’mon Lucy, a hockey-skating dog would be a real winner.  Especially a beagle.

Rerun?  This is “modern” for Peanuts.

Linus has a great career as a pastor.  Isn’t that right Jezebel?

Girls are just beginning to drive you crazy dude.


Samantha Claus is a catchy name.

Well, that tree is a better tree than the one C.B, had in the 1965 special.

…and Linus has an opening for a new nose.


Cookies?  A big guy like that wants steak after flying around the world.

How does a bird ride a bike?


Yeah, this won’t be a classic.  The only purpose for this special is to make A Charlie Brown Christmas last a whole hour.  At least the addition to A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving gave a nice history lesson,  This was just a few not-funny bits that, in better hands, might have been an OK addition to the Christmas classic.  For now, all it is is another reason to say “Bah, humbug”.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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