Potshotting: A Charlie Brown Christmas

I will be doing my “potshotting” of classic Christmas cartoons this year.  What better way to start than with “A Charlie Brown Christmas”?


That song is a little too high pitched

Is Charlie Brown saying he doesn’t know peanuts about Christmas? (sorry/not sorry)


Penguin commercial from Kay Jewelers!


Someone needs to point out to Snoopy that dogs don’t eat bones like that.

Dang, saw Patty, not Peppermint Patty

Now’s probably a nice time to get real estate.

How commercial is simple Christmas lights?

Hey Santa, send me $10s and $20s as well.

Is this show the reason it’s believed that whites do not know how to dance?

Eh, Snoopy made an adequate penguin.


Nothing like a multi-purpose blanket.

A pink, aluminum tree?  Egads.

Uh Charlie, when evergreen shed leaves, forget it.


That is sooo not it Lucy.

Can you imagine the bitching and moaning if this was a new cartoon and contained a Bible passage?  SJWs would be even nuttier than they already are.

Charlie Brown, you are earning an oblivious award right about now.

How did that get a 1st prize?

Snoopy, you are going to just let them tear down your award-winning lights?

Love that song as we go to credits.


How do you fault a 50 year Christmas classic?  With its religious tones, it would never be green-lit into production due to how phobic anyone in the entertainment business is to Christianity.  It is also nice to see how the whole Peanuts gang was evolving.  There was Patty. a whole separate character from Peppermint Patty.  There was no Woodstock, as the concert was still almost 4 years away.  There were characters besides Patty that you never see anymore that I don’t know the names of.  Also, no adults.

Is it dated, yes.  But it’s a sweet tradition.  Thumbs up.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

One comment on “Potshotting: A Charlie Brown Christmas

  1. Chuoi says:

    My girlfriend and I have done this at thesalt two Thanksgiving parties we’ve been to. We putit out as appetizers and it always gets finishedoff way before any of the swankier stuff.

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