Potshotting: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

It’s been awhile since we’ve done any potshotting, so let’s do some more by looking at the true Thanksgiving tradition (sorry Survivor Series) of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  Does this 1973 classic hold up as well as this 1972 one?  Let’s see.


And we start with Lucy abusing Charlie Brown with the football again.

Evil women will always try to trick men, C.B.  That’s a simply rule of life.

A turkey card?  I’m sure Hallmark sells that by now.

Just realized that if Sally want drawn bald she’d look just like Charlie Brown.

A pushy person like Peppermint Patty and a push over like CB is a bad matchup.

And there’s token, err…  I mean… Franklin.

Poor Woodstock.

When all else fail…slapstick.

…and Snoopy is getting his ass kicked by a chair.


IRL, you would not want to stack buttered bread like that.Hey Snoop, butter is oen way to treat burns.

Looking stylish Snoopy.


Massasoit…thanks for mentioning my ancestor’s brother Linus.  (no joke)

Blessed be the peacemaker Marcie.


Why would CB address himself to his Grandma as “Charlie Brown” and not just “Charlie”?


You were holding out with that nice turkey Snoopy.

Way to go with the wishbone Woodstock.

Most credit scenes aren’t this charming.

OH OH, the 2nd Peanuts Thanksgiving.  Uh oh

Nice history lesson thro.

Was this the first Peanuts cartoon that showed adults?

BREAK, and w/ penguins in a jewelry commercial…excellent.

All this seasickness is starting to make me feel sick.

And there’s my ancestor John Howland…who had to be saved.


No matter the era, Lucy is bitchy.

So why were you put in charge again Lucy.  😛

Always nice to see Squanto.

That’s actually one of the easier customs to understand dude.


The original 1973 tale still holds up for nostalgia’s sake, althro it would probably be seen as too cornball now.  One thing we didn’t realize until now was that Lucy only makes a cameo by being there just to hurt Charlie Brown.  As it was Massasoit’s brother (and my ancestor) who gave the white man popcorn, that is a fitting Thanksgiving food.  Toast probably isn’t that oddball either.

I have seen This Is America, Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers before.  It will never be the classic that the original cartoon is, but it does allow the special to stretch out for a full hour and does give a nice history lesson.  Still, 1988 Peanuts will never compare to older Peanuts.

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