80s Cartoon Potshots: Visionaries Episode 13

Visionary OsteonWell, it is the end of an era.  This is the very last episode of Visionaries to review.  I think after watching the previous 12 we have a good idea why the TV series failed, as did the toy.  Thankfully, we go out on a high note as this was one of the few episodes I really remembered from back in the day.  Here is Dawn of the Sun Imps, where both sides in the Visionaries war must fast their greatest challenge yet, and ever as well unless they are ever brought back (and if they are, hopefully better done than the Jem movie).


0:00  No opening theme.  Puh-leeze.

0:59  Wait a minute, both sides (who hate each other) just stop fighting after seeing a tomb?

3:12  I can agree to that as well (just ask my mother).

3:55  Well, he’s supposed to eb the dummy, but 13 episodes in I’m not sure he’s not one of the smartest.

6:02  Bad things come in small packages


8:08  I wonder if they now know what a garlic meringue pie tastes like?

9:14  Seems fishy to me.

11:24  Be thankful this is a kid show Darkstorm, lest he control your pubic hairs as well.

14:04  He’s been a bit of a pussy for awhile now.


16:01  Nice to see those two are still perfectly matched.

16:39  I’d say Destruction not doing destruction is a pretty nice trick.

17:34  Nice to see the water babes getting to do their thing.

20:17  Wow, they have “fingers crossed” on Prysmos too.

21:12  And like that, Merklynn gives us the OK to leave.


Well, that is that.

This is a rather wacky episode to be the final episode of a series.  A second year of toys were plan, and there were prototypes made of these toys, visible in a toy catalog you can find online.  The image I have been using for this entire series as a header is a visual of one of these toys.  Sun Imps were to be among the toys made for that second year, but no images of their prototypes were ever seen.  The Sun Imps being in this episode is similar to how the Transformers would preview some of next year’s toys in the current year’s episode: 1st season w/ Dinobots, Jetfire, Shockwave, Cosntructicons, and Insecticons, the 2nd season w/ the combiner teams, 3rd season w/ Technobots and Throttlebots.

This series often had humor more fitting for those too old for toys, yet all too often had random things that were just too stupid for anyone but kids.  If you have read these potshots I have done, you know that few episodes are really that great.  Still, I will miss them.  The action figures were nice at least.

As for this episode, if you like some goofball humor, you’ll like this one.  I’ll probably watch it again sometime.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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