80s Cartoon Potshots: Visionaries Episode 12

Visionary OsteonAs promised, since we ran behind in our promised weekly series of Potshots, we are now looking at the twelfth episode of Visionaries, entitled Sorcery Squared.  This episode was between the two episodes I remembered the most from the series, so it’s kind of interesting to see how it went.  Let’s see


0:00  Once again, why do these schmucks cut off one of the greatest opening themes of all time?

0:33 Poor Cryotek

2:49  Timber!

3:34  He gave Mortdredd the bird…what a nice gesture.

4:19  That’s not a great animal to morph into if you are dealing with hungry birds…unless the hungry birds were us penguins.

5:16  That looks so rude, but would be quite popular in San Francisco last week for Halloween.

6:39  How long does this party last?

8:59  Cryotek knows how to make an exit.


11:21  How the hell did Leoric hear Cravex and Mortdredd?

14:00  If only they showed more preference for the later…would make for a more thrilling show.


15:57  You do realize he’s evil, right?

17:10  That’s a nice use of the Swiftness spell.

18:39  Wow, that was catty.

20:09  Wouldn’t you be better off calling for your Darkling Lord that turns into a shark? #justsaying

21:14  Life’s not that bad, hey Cryotek?

Spectral Knight Love

Galadria and Cryotek, sitting on a tree…or maybe not.


This is definitely one of the better Visionaries episodes, as in this one it is the bad guys that look like idiots.  It also makes Cryotek look awesome, as he made great uses of the staves, including recharging them, as well as destroying much of Darkstorm’s castle as payback.

Another thing about Visionaries…they had a lot of instances where the two factions teamed up, althro this one does it with both sides having their own motives instead of a mutual interest: the Knights want to save Cryotek from the Phylot’s influence, and the Lords want the Phylot power back, which is perhaps the best *most useful)  animal totem among the heels.

One more thing, usually the female goes to the leader of the group, but instead it goes to Cryotek.  That’s a nice way to make things different.  After all, for time immemorial attaining the love of a pretty girl is a high interest in life for a man.  Good for Cryotek.

Well, one more episode to go, which will be posted tomorrow.  To watch this episode, go online and Google away.  Just be warned that oen site said this was the 11th episode when instead it was the 12th.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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