80s Cartoon Potshots: Visionaries Episode 11

Visionary OsteonAs promised, since we ran behind in our promised weekly series of Potshots, we are now looking at the eleventh episode of Visionaries, entitled Honor Among Thieves.  This was perhaps the best remembered episode for us at Icygeek (with the pilot and 13th episode being the other notable ones), and it is little wonder, as it marks what could have saved Visionaries if had been more like this episode.  The rivalry between Ectar and Reekon really could have gone somewhere.


0:00  Again, no opening theme = FAIL

0:33  That’s a useful magic item…which we just know is going to cause problems.

1:22  It shouldn’t worry you…yet.

1:47  Uhh, maybe you shouldn’t mention having a Crystal of Detection?

3:12  Finally, someone with as much tact as myself.

3:41  Good thing I like history lessons

4:34  Wow, that must have been a drag for Ectar. (sorry/not sorry)

5:07  Even on Prysmos, liberal environmentalists refuse to listen to reason.

5:27  Is that the 5th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide, perchance?

6:05  They take their chess seriously on this planet, don’t they?

6:32  Who’s asking for this ransom?  Famous Dave’s?

7:23  You are an evil, magical group and you can’t force this guy to give you the meat?

8:13  Think how pissed they had been if you had brought salad instead?


8:59  Yes, THIS is our bug foes this episode: Audrey.

Visionaries Audrey

9:44  Too bad it didn’t conceal the former owner from plant monsters, eh?

10:29  Wow, security sucks.

11:25  Wow, those guys are morons.

12:12  Considering how unlikely the Spectral Knights would be intelligent enough to do a sneak attack, not as useful to you Darkstorm.

13:14  Yep, these Prysmos botanists are as stupid as the eco-whackos on Earth.


14:16  And why would you happen to say that at this time if you didn’t know what was about to happen to you?

15:04  Amen.  Or at least be able to afford being foolish again.

16:09  What does he have against Cravex?  Too annoying?

19:58  Polyester?

20:41  Quite frankly, I’d love either of those two magic items.

21:11  Excuse yourself!


This episode isn’t as good as I remembered, mostly because we go back to an old problem: the stupidity of the good guys.  The stupidity is less obvious in this episode, however.  How the hell does a botanical committee have budgetary power over a whole city?  Why would you mention you have a Crystal of Detection?  Why would you not put the Crystal in a more secure place, or have someone with it 24/7 to be ready whenever an attack came?  Also, any of the three magic items Merklynn offered would be useful…why refuse any of them, let alone all three?

The meat-eating plant monster (let’s call it Audrey) was wacky, if I may borrow a phrase from our friends at Superfriends Universe.  Still, the cartoon was supposedly aim for children, and yet older humans can get a chuckle comparing it to the Little Shop of Horrors.  Between this and the parallels between the eco-whackos of their planet and ours, this is an episode that all ages could possibly enjoy.

Note when watching this online: some sites list this as the 12th episode, not the 11th.  Thus wasn’t entirely bad, as it meant I got to already watch and write the Potshots for the next episode, so guaranteed that it is posted tomorrow.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.


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