Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Potshots: Season 3 Episode 5

Welcome back to Agents of Shield Potshots.  Today we review the episode 4,722 hours.  Looks like this will mostly feature just Gemma Simmons, as we see how she survived being on a desert planet for, well, 4,722 hours, which is 196 days and 18 hours for those who are curious.  This should be an intense episode.


I don’t think you get cell coverage here girl.

She now understands the…gravity…of the situation

Too bad she doesn’t have a water purifier

Why couldn’t she be wearing normal bra & panties like other girls your age?

How much  battery life does that thing have?


Have to keep an unclean thought to myself about eating

You know, women are more cooperative if you tell them at least some things beforehand.

It looks even older than 2001.


I don’t think that’s the Master Sword, Gemma.

Looks like the Rag Man of The Dark or the Banshee from Darby O’Gill

I hope you do girl.


Talk about practical astronomy

You had to take the shot; at least in FFX I could keep trying.

You had a perfectly desirable female, and it took you that long to kiss her?


As a Brit, she’s more used to tea and Port than wine, anyways.

Run Gemma Run

Poor Fitz….Friendzone “champion”


So he was still alive?


For those who feel the MCU isn’t gritty enough…this episode was for you.

No episode of Agents has been so one-character specific in the entire run, so we got to see a lot of Gemma.  However, we didn’t learn as much new about her as you’d think in a show so tailored to her, aside from the fact that she has  a hobbyist love for astronomy.  It probably stands in Gemma’s favour that she resisted kissing the astronaut for so long.  I did the math, and she was on the planet for 28 weeks, or over half a year.  Cute girl, strong guy…the attraction was bound to happen, especially considering it looked hopeless to return to Earth.  At least we have a good reason for Gemma to want to find a way back to the planet, and not just that she went kupo for kupo nuts.

Having been a Boy Scout for 5 years, let’s see what we know about survival and apply it here.  They would definitely be lacking in Vitamin D going without sunlight that long on the plane; then again, maybe NASA gave the astronauts enough pills, and with only one astronaut left there may be a surplus of Vitamin D pills to use.  Other than when Gemma attacked the pool monster, we don’t have much knowledge of what they were eating for so long, unless there was a bunch of extra MREs as well.  However, Gemma should have suffered for lack of water and food far more than she did,

I would also love to know where on Earth they shot all that desert planet footage.

I think the episode would have been stronger had it just been Gemma and not the astronaut as well, as we see a poor girl having to deal with extraterrestrial elements alone, but as part of a series it makes more sense for the astronaut to be there.  We’ll just have to wait and see if they can go back for him; the mid-season finale perhaps?

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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