D&D Saturday: Werewolf Kin Background

D&D LogoWelcome back to D&D Saturday.  (Well, the time I started writing this it’s still Saturday in Alaska).  Anyways, continuing with our October theme, we are introducing another new background.  This one is the Werewolf Kin.  Althro traditionally the legend was that werewolves created new werewolves by bite, newer interpretations have had it so werewolves are bred and form families, similar to packs.  This was seen in both Werewolf: the Apocalypse and Twilight.  So today we introduce the Werewolf Kin

==Werewolf Kin==

You were perhaps born in a family that gives birth to werewolves.  Perhaps you are just someone like werewolves like.  Either way, you have a special relationship with werewolves, and can be their go-between between them and non-werewolves.  Perhaps you are their banking, taking away any silver they somehow gain, and in trade give them valuables that won’t hurt them.  There are many ways to take advantage of friendship.

Skill Proficiencies: Animal Handling (wolf only), also see Feature

Languages:  Werewolf language, Wolves.

Equipment: See features

Feature:  Werewolf friendship

The Kin has an “in” with the werewolves.  They will tend to view the kin favorably.  They are also likely to see to it that the Kin mates, especially if in the campaign world werewolves are descended from particular bloodlines and you were of the bloodline but did not turn into a werewolf.

Of course, the more involved you are with the werewolves the more likely you will have to deal with their enemies, which could be problematic.

Choose an additional background; you gain the skills & equipment of that background.

Suggested Characteristics:

Choose your characteristics based on the additional background you chose under features

Examples of Werewolf Kin in various Classes:

Barbarian:  Is there any way to become more feral than the typical barbarian?  Obviously wolves are your totem animal.

Bard: Imagine being able to translate wolf songs into human, and vice verse?  Imagines the stories wolves know that humans didn’t…until you came along.

Cleric:  The closer a Kin is to the werewolves, the more likely they are druid than cleric.  But it makes total sense that Kin clerics might worship a moon god or goddess.

Druid:   Who better to protect the lands werewolves hold dear than a druid?

Fighter:  Imagine a fighter that might one day lead a pack of wolves or werewolves against a foe?  That is the stuff of legend.

Monk:  Forest monasteries have to be protected, and a Kin monk might be able to attend to better protection than other monasteries.

Paladin:  Once again, a moon god or goddess might have Kin paladins serving them.

Psionicist:  A Psi who is Kin will like see out the metabolic abilities available to him that might mirror a wolf’s capabilities, like Analytic Smells/Tracking Scent, develop claws, night vision, and similar abilities.

Ranger:  A Kin Ranger will have the time of his life hunting with wolves, chasing prey and hunting bad guys who enter werewolf lands.

Rogue:  Werewolves have often had to learn to hide their presence before its too late; what might a Kin Rogue learn from them.

Sorcerer:  Neither of the bloodlines listed in the PHB really fit werewolves in particular; perhaps a future bloodline might be created?

Warlock:  Archfey and Great Old One are good patrons for Kin.  If werewolves in your campaign world are always utterly evil, then Fiend might be appropriate.  If you take the Antediluvian Vampire patron, you might have angered your friendly neighborhood werewolf pack; think carefully before taking this with that.

Wizard:  Transmutation makes a lot of sense for a Kin Wizard; after all, transformation are what werewolves are all about.

Inspirations: Werewolf: the Apocalypse, Twilight

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  2. Otookee says:

    Werewolves are bread? Does that mean that if you defeat a werewolf – he’s toast???

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