Flash Potshots: Season 2 Episode 3

Flash PenguinWelcome back to Flash Potshots, where we look at the latest episode of the Flash.  The latest episode is episode 3 of season two, dubbed Family of Rogues.  It features Captain Cold, so this should be a cool episode.


So Iris is now the Flash’s April O Neil Damsel in peril?

Speed Cannon.  The way to Cisco’s heart is thru naming things.

Joe a “widower”?  Hmmm.

Flash coffee.  Hee hee.

I think we all saw that betrayal coming.


So this is episode Daddy Issues?

Damn, that’s…earie.  sorry/not sorry)


Decapitation?  Guess he knows how to get ahead.  (again, sorry/not sorry)

Most have daddy issues, she gets momma issues.


Quick thinking Barry

Brute force hacking is easy when you’re a speedster.

He really must go thru henchmen like no one’s business.


OK, Barry does have good reaction time.

Gotta know where you stand on one’s hate list.


Foreshadowing a future TV show, perchance?

Nice to see Barry can already make Patti… melt.  (I’ll never be sorry)

Congrats Cisco.

Excelsior?  You may look like Stan, but wrong comic universe.

I thought only older women got hot and cold flashes?

That is why you don’t leave your doors open people.


I will say that Captain Cold is one of the best antagonists I have ever seen in any media.  However, because of how well he is portrayed it becomes less of a wonder that he may be doing a face turn in the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow.

As for our main characters, we definitely see that one consistency for Joe is that his overprotective nature gets him in trouble with Iris, who wants to be “strong, independent woman”.  We are also seeing that naming things is Cisco’s favorite thing to ever do; is there a disorder for this?  As for Caitlyn, it is obvious that she needs a man in her life, and Jay is the lucky recipient for her attentions, but he does not look interest.  This could definitely be a reason for her to be rather…frosty…later.

When I saw Barry get shot, I wrote a note that Barry has got to work on his reaction time.  It reminded me of a caption in an old (Marvel’s) Alpha Flight comic that stated that the twin speedsters of Northstar and Aurora didn’t have increased reaction times.  After the commercial we saw that Flash was able to capture the bullet.  This was nice, but Barry (or the writers of this show) does not realize how badly Barry uses his powers.  With his speed he should be doing sneak attacks on villains, disarming them before they know what happened.  It should have been no trick for him to get rid of the bomb remote in Captain Cold’s father’s hand. Then again, it would be even easier to do the sucker punch acts if he wore a grey camouflage suit, and not a bright red one.  A little real world logic, if you would.

There has been troubles getting these potshots of current shows done promptly, and it might get worse in a few weeks.  Don’t be surprised if suddenly there is just one single article every week chronicling the week in superheroes, especially that now Arrow is on the watch list and Supergirl is starting next week.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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