Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Potshots: Season 3 Episode 4

Skye DaisyAnother week, another episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., another chance to review it while taking potshots at it.  This week is the fourth episode of season three, entitled Devils You Know.


Floating power?  It has its uses.

He definitely likes to …lash…out at other iIhumans.

This is starting to get creepy

Well, that was much ado about nothing.


“Coulson: Ladies’ Man” just doesn’t work

Rather intense goodness between Hunter and May

Some solid acting here with Gemma.

Damn May, you know how to make an appearance.


Coulson last season, Gemma this season

You’re starting to make Coulson quake, Daisy.

Looks like you’re the one getting out.  And out of the closet, no less.


Damn dude, you need some survival instincts.

Fair is fair.

Guess who.

Almost as if he has Pym particles.


Bobbi is getting piiiiiiiissed.

What better mayday response than May?

At least you hit him once Hunter.

Damn that kid is scared.


Well, we know the secret doesn’t involve her having Fitz’s baby…we think.


There was a lot of solid acting on this show.  Especially from Gemma, Hunter, and May.  It makes for some enthralling television.  Hopefully this will cause a spike in the ratings.

Storyline wise, we see a lot of small wrap-up jobs so that we can get back to them later.  We know Ward was shot, but we don’t know how badly.  We did not see the body of May’s ex, so there is a good chance he is still alive.  It was an awful lot of overkill to burn down and bomb the whole place.  Was it bad writing or was there a point to this excess?  Also, I can’t help but feel that they wrapped up Hunter’s chase of Ward way too soon.  It needed two more episodes at least, counting next week’s Simmons-heavy one.

I am still not sold on the necessity of the ATCU, except maybe to help lead into next year’s Captain America movie, but still.  Rosalind by herself might be find, and maybe having an assistant that doesn’t seem to like Inhumans is OK, but the rest of the unit seems unnecessary.

We are definitely seeing a lot less Coulson than in previous seasons.  Since he isn’t that great of a leading character, that is for the best.

Next week: looks like a lot of Gemma in the episode.  It will be interesting to see how to survive, and which Earth desert they used to film all of that extraterrestrial scenery.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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