D&D Saturday: Antediluvian Vampire Warlock Pact

D&D LogoWelcome back to D&D Saturday.  When trying to decide what to publish today, it was a struggle as we’d like to keep with the prestige classes, but the only one we can think of that would also fit into the October theme is a Ghostbuster PrC, and that was a little too looney.  But, having never really looked that hard at the warlock we noticed how well many of the warlock pacts would work well if one’s patron was an ancient vampire.  So, for D&D Saturday, we present to you a new pact for warlocks in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons: the Antediluvian Vampire Pact.


Your patron is a super ancient vampire, one from before recorded history…or at least recorded before mere mortals recorded it (aside from perhaps elves).  More than likely, to save yourself from an eternal existence between life and death, you have sworn fealty to the vampire, protecting them from vampire hunters that may be able to hurt them.  There is a good chance you had studied vampires your entire life.

Expanded Spell List

Like other warlock pacts, you have an expanded spell list, reflecting the vampiric source of your powers.

1st  Animal Friendship, Disguise Self
2nd  Blur, Gust of Wind  
3rd  Feign Death, Speak with Dead
4th  Freedom of Movement, Polymorph
5th  Greater Restoration, Raise Dead

Kate Commission by NazNemati


Like your patron, you thrive off of others’ life force.  Starting at 1st level, when you reduce a hostile creature to 0 hit points, you gain temporary hitpoints equal to your Charisma modifier + your warlock level (minimum of 1).

Pact Boon

Like other pacts, you gain your choice of a pact boon at 3rd level.  If you choose Pact of the Chain, your familiar will look like a bat, wolf, or another animal that is typically associated with vampires in your campaign world.  If you choose Pact of the Blade, your weapon will have a bat motif but otherwise looks rather royal.  If you choose Pact of the Tome your tome will look like an ancient manuscript covered with blood.

Misty Escape

Like many vampires, you can turn into mist.  Starting at 6th level, you gain the same Misty Escape power equivalent to warlocks that have the Archfey pact.

Beguiling Defenses

Vampire know how to charm; they also know how to protect from charm, and your patron has found you worthy of learning this.  At 10th level you gain the same Beguiling Defenses ability that warlocks that choose the Archfey pact have.

Vampiric Thrall

Vampires love to have thralls, and now you can have your own.  At 14th level you can have your own thrall.  This works the same as the Create Thrall ability that warlocks that have the Great Old One pact.

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