Flash Potshots: Season 2 Episode 2

Flash PenguinWelcome back to Flash Potshots, where we review the latest episode of The Flash.  This week, expect no Edge puns, but we will always take potshots at what we watch.  This week is the second episode of the season, entitled Flash of Two Worlds.


Flash, meet Flash.

Oh, is that all?

Bless your heart?  Wow Cisco, we southerners consider that the ultimate burn.

Keep trying girl; unlike me, you still have a chance at your dream job.


Obviously this villain fights dirty.

Iris is also trying to break that code.

Wow, that’s really big of you letting him name Sand Demon, Cisco.

Why is Barry such a hardass about Jay?

She’s got one thing you don’t Joe…women’s intuition.


Cisco “green” with envy?

Wow that sounds creepy when you say it to an attractive woman.


I don’t think he can be guilt tripped Patti.

Does Vibe have psychometric powers?


He actually makes that helmet somewhat work.

Sand Demon’s all broken up about it.

Cheesy, but we needed an allusion to that cover.


Nice speech Patti.

Joe’s in a lot of pain now.

His powers are giving him bad…vibes.

I hope Dr. Stein is OK.

Harrison Wells?  Well well well.


I had to look and see if there was a Patty Spivot in the comics; it was.  If this was Marvel, I would probably know her already.

Does it seem like the Flash has an awful lot of mentor figures.  No wonder they got rid of his dad.  Personally, I am just glad they got rid of Barry’s paranoia, because it was wearing thin.  I get enough of dumbass heroes reviewing the old Visionaries episodes on weekends.  Speaking of getting rid of father figures, that may be why Dr. Stein got hurt…they need to write him out, not only to get rid of Barry’s numerous father figures, but to get him ready for the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow show.

As for the rest of the characters, they were there.  We already knew that Iris can use her wiles to persuade Barry.  Cisco has some confusing powers.  Caitlyn might be showing that her need for a replacement for Ronnie could be what drives her to become Killer Frost.  Joe is still overprotective, but may have enough concerns that that his ex is back.

All in all, a fun show, but not one I’ll keep handy on my DVR.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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