Muppets Potshots: Episode 2 Hostile Makeover

muppet penguinNormally, I would say welcome to a Potshots review.  Here, it is more like “Abandon all hope ye that enter here”.  We are reviewing the second episode of the 2015 The Muppets series, entitled Hostile Makeover, where Kermit tries to make Miss Piggy happy, only for it to fail.


Muppets doing dirty drawings?  UGH!

Code Red = Devil Ham

The Intro = Best part of The Muppets

Not that fluid.

Groban was better with the Muppets with “Pure Imagination”

One of the cranky critics actually liked something?

Wow, Sheamus’ cousin Beaker actually got compliment by Miss Piggy.

I think Kermit is about to toss his cookies.


A library causes less quiet than this episode.

Toilet humor with Fozzie and Jay?

Does that grizzly have a toupee?  Talk about a bear rug.

Gas station sushi?  Getting indigestion just thinking about it.

Fail Whale, meet Fail Frog.


Fozzie still not funny.

I wish he would steal some jokes someplace.

Kleptomaniac bear?

Fozzie still not funny.

We need the black guy…he’s far funnier than the Muppets have been.

That’s it?  Team Grogy ends without a big pig tantrum?


Kermit cockblocked by Gonzo???



Kill me now.

Now I know how Statler and Waldorf feel.  Hell, they enjoyed the Muppet show more than I did.  If I cover any more Muppets episodes, it is because I will be so venomous in covering it that it makes great reading, althro it will usually be days afterward, as I’m watching Flash and SHIELD before this dreck.

If there was any hope for the Muppets being good after the premiere episode, it is gone into the toilet now.  Bears are my favorite mammal, and one of them was the worst thing on a bad show, and the other didn’t help things either.  The only thing that could possibly save this series is having the Penguin Muppets be half the cast, but I don’t want to wish even felt penguins this misery.

I know this one blowhard website owner that likes to crap on his star employee for liking the Muppets.  If that schmuck in question somehow years ago saw in a dream what this TV show would be like, his derision of the Muppets would be quite justified.

Also, where was the payoff in the end?  We see why Miss Piggy broke up with Josh Groban, but we did not see the breakup actually happen.  It was all off-camera.  WTF!!!  This is like a bad PPV where in the main event you see all but the last two minutes of the match, including the pinfall, only to see the results of the match afterwards.  Yuck.

Unless you want confirmation for your hatred of Jay Leno, or just want to rip something into shreds…AVOID THIS SHOW, ESPECIALLY THIS EPISODE.

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