Looking at Our First Loot Crate

All this year we at Icygeek keep hearing about Loot Crate, but hadn’t bothered to sign up.  But after hearing this month’s theme was SUMMON, and hoping there would be some Magic Stuff in with the inevitable Pokemon paraphernalia. we thought we’d bite the bullet and see what was in it.

We had hoped to film the opening, but the last time we used our minicam was 2 computers and maybe 9 years ago, and the software in unavailable to use it, so here is a written review, written as we are opening it.

Got my scissors…


Opening it up, and the first thing we see is a Pikachu cap.  I’ve hardly worn my penguin cap like this, so I’m not likely to use this.  Might see if I can trade it to someone down the line.  Tried it on…surprising fits very well.

Next thing I see looks like some Chinese take out with a Chinese version of Homer Simpson’s face on the side.  Opening it up and…

PUUUH!!!  Damn that smells.  Opening up that box and the wrapped package is a golden Homer Buddha.  Very kitschy, but kinda cute.

Next thing is a blue package.  As I opened it, I see the package says www.PlayHeartstone.com, so apparently this item is related to tat game.  Opening it to see…a plastic rock with some kind of glyph to it.  Cool, something I can throw at a relative who annoys me.

Next item is a diecast vehicle similar to a Matchbox or Hot Wheels, themed to some show called Supernatural.  Not much to say about this.

Hmm, an orange Loot Crate pin advertising this month and it’s theme of Summon.  Next…

Everything else is documentation.  There’s a postcard for free Mobile Game, but I don’t have a smartphone.  There is also some think card made to look like a book, which can be redeemed for a free pack of cards in Hearthstone.  Finally, some booklet describing this month and letting me know what each item is supposed to be.

After opening my first Loot Crate all I can think is…meh.  Can’t say anything in here wowed me, althro the Homer Buuha and the Hearthstone rock (which is supposed to be a tension reliever) is kinda nifty.  I can’t say I recommend this crate or regularly subscribing to Loot Crate, althro I might go to the Loot Crate website and see if I can buy any remaining crates from the Fantasy theme box a few months back  That definitely earned a Fantasy theme; not so this month’s.  You have the one Pikachu and the two Heartstone items, but what is Homer Buddha and a Supernatural car doing here?  All this Buddha would summon is doughnuts and cheap beer, and I have no idea if in Supernatural they summon demons or not.  I wish they tried to get some Magic, Yu Gi Oh, or other card game stuff in here.

If you have plenty of discretionary money and love pigs in a poke, maybe you would regularly subscribe to Loot Crate.  Personally, I am not likely to get another Loot Crate anytime soon.

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