More than just cards…Magic: the Gathering

MTG_Logo_orangeMagic: the Gathering has been the father of all trading card games, for better or for worse.  It has also been worrying itself over being “diverse”, usually as a detriment to itself.  But there is more than one way to be diverse, as is the case when……a Magic-themed puzzle game hits iOS and Android this Fall.

Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest

This kind of diversity makes sense, considering that they hope to have a Magic: the Gathering movie come out some time in the upcoming years.  This puzzle games pairs nicely with the board game released earlier this summer, and with new platforms to play more like regular Magic, as seen in the new Magic: Duels.

However, one problem Magic has always had was that their stories have never been that good, outside of a few by Jeff Grubb.  There is a reason they stopped doing novels and have all their storytelling being done on a weekly article usually published on a Wednesday.  Then again, there is no ongoing storyline for the likes of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, so if they have characters that resonate regardless of story, they could do quite well.

Time will tell.

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