Anime Potshots: Sacred Blacksmith Episode 1

Welcome back to Anime Potshots, where we review and make snarky comments about anime.  On most Fridays, to flow nicely into D&D Saturdays. we look at an anime that would probably appeal to most D&D players.  While we were intending to stick the Slayers, which are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, last week we discovered Sacred Blacksmith and thought that would be perfect to take potshots at.  So sit back and watch with us the first episode of Sacred Blacksmith, entitled Knight.

0:16  Just got done with the corporate credits and starting the anime proper.  In case this is pulled from Youtube you can gauge at a future reading how off the given time is.

0:42 Never chicken out…when you can penguin out.

1:11  If this was an hentai, she would be in an awful lot of trouble right about now.

3:55  I love a woman who can take charge…so few can IRL.

4:37  I think I am going to like this anime.  🙂

5:57  I think we all look for salvation, whether from heaven or somewhere else.  Right now I wager his is somewhere else.

6:42  I think you might need a new sword. #justsaying

10:30  Well I have now found a new dream residence…I hope it has wifi.

11:00  That was useful…I wonder how her name was spelled.  Cecily it is.

15:04 Hee hee

15:18  I have never seen this anime before, but I feel pretty confidant we are seeing a budding romance here.

16:52  I think you just made it mad.

21:57  Can’t help but think that in D&D terms that is one useful ritual.

22:37  Damn, it was just starting to get interesting

22:47  Damn, we haven’t met that chick yet.


I guess that episode was all in a Knight‘s work?

That is actually a good eay to end a first episode, making you want to learn more about the heroes’ fate, as opposed to many origin episodes where all too often it could easily be a one-and-done.  We have a bad ass demon getting ready to attack the heroes, only to see a ritual go uninterrupted that is longer than any of Sailor Moon’s transformations.  What happens nest?  We mus watch the next episode.  Sneaky.

Cecily is definitely an interesting character.  We learn her backstory and why we should sympathize with her.  She’s also very easy on the eyes.  Luke and Lisa do not become that interesting until the last minute or two when they do that ritual, but do show signs of being promising.

Yeah, there is some cheesiness to this episode, especially in Cecily’s armor having boob pockets and her occasional malaprops, but that is pretty standard in this genre of anime.  Very good stuff.

Shall we cover the second episode next week.  Yep, I think we shall.


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