Post-Apocalyptic Zorro?

FilmOddball ideas are not really a new thing.  However, some thing are just a little bit out there.  Take for example……the reports that Fox Studios decided to forgo spending resources on a Zorro reboot that would take place in an post-apocalyptic world.  Collider Movie News discussed this yesterday.

To use a phrase commonly used by our friends at Superfriends Universe, this is wacky.  It would be difficult to make this seem any different than a post-apocalyptic Batman.

Of course, the concept isn’t that hard to change from an 1820’s California setting.  What is Zorro’s basic concept?  The concept is a young adult from the upper class who is seen as a fop but is actually an expert at a martial art (counting swordsmanship as one), and after coming back to his native land only to see the bad effects an corrupt government has on it, he disguises himself to make things right.  You can use that concept for any number of settings

Take for example the RPG book GURPS Robin Hood.  Only 20% of that book actually deals with Robin Hood.  The rest is about taking the Robin Hood concept and using it in the settings of 1700’s Scotland, last 1800’s American frontier, a modern superhero game, a 2050 Cyberpunk setting, and a far future space setting, to numerous degrees of success.

Yes, it would be a hard sell, but it could work.  Of course, to see the Zorro concept you would probably need an Hispanic star who could believably carry a lightsaber ripoff but it could happen.


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