Famous Slave Leia Cosplay

There is just something about the Slave Leia costume that makes fanboys drool.  It would be nice if someone made a list somewhere, and……guess what, someone did, by the name of Epicstream.

Top 12 Celebrities Who Donned The Slave Leia Costume

Thankfully, these were all babes, althro one costume was not really a Slave Leia outfit, but maybe the author has vision problems.  We at Icygeek can relate.  We think that Alessandra Torresani probably had the best cosplay, but these were all nice.

One helpful tip to any ladies reading this contemplating wearing this or a chain bikini.  You better be confident in your body because chain bikinis will probably highlight any “flaws” your body may have.

Of course, what would be even better was a belly-dancing Slave Leia.

We’ve a;ways appreciated the comment made by one Youtuber that after the dance much of the audience had to, uhh, readjust their lightsabers.

UPDATE:  I had never heard of Paula LaBaredas before, but I think I will learn more about this Portugal girl.  Too bad she’s probably a lisbonan. #punny

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