Transformers Potshots: Transformers Zone

Break Transformers penguinI have been wanting for Tuesday to be dedicated to the Transformers, but since this site is still new, we don’t have the resources to do everything we want to do for Transformers Tuesday.  However, we can still do Potshots, so our first Transformers Potshots is featuring a Transformers series that only had one episode.  This series is called Transformers: Zone, and it was only available in Japan during the G1 era, which is our personal favorite era.  I have seen the opening at seminars that Wasabi Anime have done at Origins and Gen Con, but never actually watched the episode.  Is it any good?  We shall see.  If you are new to Potshots, it is where we make snarky comments thru the episode and then summarize what we saw.

0:40  We are finally starting the episode.  Should you watch this after the original YouTube video is pulled, know that times may be 40 seconds off due to all the extra non-Transformers crap before this.

2:06  You say TRANSFORM but I am still waiting for this to be a Transformers cartoon and not just another anime.

2:19  I may be a child of the 80’s but I do so love seeing a space shuttle.  It’s an exciting discovery whenever I see one, and no other spacecraft is a worthy challenger to them.  (I know, these puns were quite enterprising of me.)

2:40  I hate when that happens.

2:55  NOW we get the intro.

4:11 YEAH!!!  Sorry, felt obliged to say that after so many Wasabi Anime Dare panels.

6:36  Wow that pet is more annoying than any kid in a Transformers series ever.

8:13  Obvious the “Autobots” need to hire a football coach to improve their…zone defense.

12:23  I am watching a girl collecting butterflies in a Transformers cartoon?

12:53  Feminia?  That explains a lot.  (Cue rabid SJW attacks now.)

17:38  TOASTY!!!

21:47  The “bunny” is happy that particular development arose.

22:45  Ending credits start.  Ending credits in Japanese tend to be “pet coon goofy”.

23:43  That was way too sane to be a Japanese ending.


What is with there not being any Transformers in the ending credits?

While I have definitely seen worse anime and worse Transformers episodes, I can’t say there was anything here I would really want to see again.  Well, maybe seeing a bunch of Micromaster Autobots having to battle gigantic Decepticons (yes, I am using the American names instead of “Cybertron” and “Destrons”) could be worthy of a series, but none of the Autobots had the “It” factor that Optimus Prime had, or even Bumblebee has in the current Transformers: Robots in Disguise” series.  Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber (really?) just didn’t cut it for me.  The names of the Micromasters were never mentioned, althro I have most of the Micromasters that were released in the USA so I know the Micromaster leader is Countdown.  Of course, Zone would have been concurrent with the Action Masters, a line of non-transforming Transformers, so I can see why the Japanese would need to dig up new Autobots.

Can I recommend this episode/series?  Not really.  If you are a Transformers fan you can skip it and not have missed out on anything.  Unless you were a G1 fan in the very last year of USA G1, the characters just aren’t familiar to you except maybe for a cameo of Predaking.  Then again, it is less than 25 minutes so if you really feel you should watch it, go ahead.  There are bigger wastes of time.  However, I would say watching the ending credits of the Japanese Headmasters and Victory would provides tons more entertainment due to their wacky nature, with the first being uncomfortably close to homosexual incest and the second of a bedwetting Transformer who doesn’t realize when a blanket desperately needs to be washed.

I wish I was kidding.

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