D&D Movies Rights are settled…Now What?

D&D LogoIt brings a smile on a gamer’s face to know that the possibility of another Dungeons & Dragons movie can now be made, now that the rights issues have been settled.  But can it actually be a good film. and not one that sucks?  Here are a few things to remember…

1) There is no guarantee it will be made.

Movies get caught in developmental hell for not just years but decades.  The rights to make a Spider-man movie were purchased in 1985, but the first movie was not released until 2002, with the rights going to several companies and directors in those 17 years.

2)  Roy Lee has been named a producer

Never heard of Roy Lee?  He was partially responsible for The LEGO Movie and How to Train Your Dragon, arguably the best two animated movies this century.

3)  Hasbro wants movies

Hasbro has had G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Battleship movies.  A Magic: the Gathering movie has been in talks for over a year now.  D&D doesn’t bring the bog bucks that the aforementioned products have, but it is a household name that screams fantasy, and gives lots of potential toy releases.  Current D&D releases have been slight, as holding the brand name is more important than actually producing RPGs…the real money is in producing a hot movie.

4)  Good movies bring better money

Studios are starting to learn that if you actually try to make a good film instead of just cash-grabbing off a name, you make more money.  Therefore more effort will be put into this movie than in that bad one several years ago.

5)  Lots of potential stories

D&D has been the basis for lots of great novels for 30 years.  Elminster is a great centerpiece character.  Drizzt would make a solid lead character in movies that combine fantasy with the question of racism.  Dragonlance is a great setting for fantasy that can appeal to females.

6)  Producers need to remember to make a D&D movie, not a fantasy movie

What’s the difference?  Look at the horrible trailer for the Jem movie (another Hasbro property).  There is nothing in that movie that screams Jem than the names used.  Make sure that the D&D movie is beyond a shadow of a doubt a movie that could only be D&D and not just any fantasy film.  IP is important.


We at Icygeek are hopeful this will make for a fun cinematic universe IF they do it right.  Just don’t hire Michael Bay to do anything with it.  Okay, he can film one sequence that features a Delayed Blast Fireball, but that’s it.

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