D&D Saturday: the Katta race

For the second D&D Saturday, we are creating a new race for use in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons…the Katta.  The Katta are a race featured in the classic Sierra On-Line series, Quest for Glory.  While almost all katta are merchants, these bipedal small felines are rightly beloved by fans of the series, and can make a fun race for your adventurer.The Katta are a race of small bipedal felines, no taller than halflings.  Generations upon generations of katta have been merhcants in their native desert city, but upon the take over of their beloved homeland, a diaspora took place, forcing katta all over the world, but mostly in places that stay warm, at katta hate the cold.  Some katta purposely look out for adventurers who may be the ones necssary to come to their homeland so that the katta may resettle there.


Male Names: Kiram, Lasham, Marek, Mirak, Scoree, Shallah, Shameen, Sharaf, Sitar, Tashtari, Tasman, Tiram, Toshur

Female Names: Lisha, Saba, Salla, Sarra, Sashanan, Sava, Shema, Sloree, Toshar


As a katta, you receive the following traits

Ability Scores: As benefits a race that are great merchants, Katta receive a +1 in Dexterity, Wisdom, and Charisma.

Size: Resembling a large, bipedal house cat, Katta are rarely over 3 ft/0.97m tall.  Your size is Small.  Given that fe katta are adventurers, most armor you could wear will have to be custom-made.

Speed: With some vestiges left of normal cats, Katta have a land speed of 35.

Background: All Kattas are assumed to have the Guild Artisan/Merchant background, with their guild being Kattas in general.  PC Kattas may choose an additional background, having the abilities of both.

Low-Light Vision:  While their vision isn’t as great as elves, they can still see in low-light conditions as if it was daylight.

Claim to Hospitality:  Kattas feel that each other Katta is kin, so Katta adventurers are usually welcome by strange Katta as if they are kin, and can room and board with them like a family member.  However, this can be abused, and a Katta asking far too much generosity from strangers, even fellow Katta, may be thrown out the door.  Katta sometimes give pins to humans who have been especially heroic to the Katta, who may also receive the claim of hospitality.  Only Kattas and their special heroes can see these pins.

She’s a Dance Dance Dancing Machine, Watch her move on watch her move on

Character Classes:

Barbarian: Kattas are not warriors by nature, but due to their diaspora it may well be that a kitten could grow up outside the normal Katta social structure and become a barbarian.

Bard:  This is probably the most likely adventurer class a Katta may choose.  Kattas have a strong tradition in fertility dances and snake charming.

Cleric: While Kattas were never portrayed with any particular religion, cat goddesses like Bast or merchant deitieslike Waukeen of the Forgotten Realms would be appropriate.  As most gods related to merchants in the PHB have Knowledge as a domain, this is the most likely domain for Katta clerics.

Druid:  Kattas prefer urban areas, but with the diaspora it is certainly possible that a Katta Druid would arise, choosing the Circle of the Land, focusing normally on Deserts.

Fighter:  There are some Katta who are trying to create a resistance to retake their homelands, so there are Katta fighters.  While they have to create their own equipment, being a race of merchants and artisans makes this a handicap that can be worked around.

Monk:  The lone Katta would be an attractive quartermaster for a monk temple, helping the temple while learning the ways of the monk as payment.  The Way of Four Elementals is attractive, due to their native lands celebration of the elements.

Paladin:  Once again, Katta are not natural warriors, but it is not out of the question that one might decide that a paladin’s path is the right way to reclaim their homeland.

Psionicist:  The only reference to Katta performing magic was in their creation of their friendship pins…who’s to say their magic is actually psionics, which would be a boon ability for a merchant, especially telepathy.

Ranger:  Of all the martial classes, the Katta would find their natural abilities most suited to being a ranger.  Favored enemies would be those found near their homeland and whichever race took control of their homeland.

Rogue:  Some would say all merchants are rogues anyways, so this would be a great fit.

Sorcerer:  Whose to say Kata magic isn’t sorcery.  Like the monk, sorcerous origins that favor elementalism would be the best fit.

Warlock:  Only you and your DM would know if a Katta would be desperate enough to become a warlock.  Any pacts ade would probably be with a djinni, efreet, marid, or a similar being.

Wizard:  The nearest city to the Katta’s homeland had a great school for wizards, so it isn’t that difficult to imagine a wizard living in the city to feel sorry for the Katta and take one on as an apprentice.


Gloriana: The home world of the Quest for Glory series.  Most Katta fled their native Raseir to the capital city of Shapeir in the sultanate of Shapeir. After Devon Aidendale removed Ad Avis from power, the Katta slowly returned to their native land.  No Katta lived in Mordavia, but one did decide to live in Tarna and a family of Katta lives in Silmaria.

Dark Sun:  Traders are definitely a part of the setting, and the Katta being kicked out of a homeland trope can certainly be retrofitted into one of the city-states.  Maybe it was Tyr, and now with its Sorcerer-King gone, the Katta can come back.  Maybe not.  Either way, the Katta would have to be a little more feral in order to live on a hard world like Athas.

Forgotten Realms: Like Gloriana, the Realms has stand-ins for Earth, so it is easy to place the Katta homeland somewhere in the Al-Qadim setting of Zakhara.

Ravenloft:  Katta would certainly get along well with the Vistani.  The Dark Powers would turn the Katta from their natural brown color to black.

Spelljammer: The Katta would definitely be interesting rivals to the Arcane.



Feel free to comment below and try out this new race for D&D.  Come back next week for the next D&D Saturday.

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