Otakus troll ISIS with #ISISchan



Fans of anime, who are called otakus, are not known to be internet trolls.  However, they have decided that there is one group of people worth trolling, and this group is……none other that ISIS, a brutal Islamic terrorist group tearing up the Middle Eaat, and in particular Iraq, ever since Barry Obama decided to turn tail and run.  From CNN Money:

Anime nerds trying to Google bomb ISIS

In short, in order to hide Google Image results that show the barbarism of ISIS, these otakus are posting pictures of a cute girl in an outfit similar to what ISIS approved up for women who have to live under their brutality.  The idea is that with enough people reposting these pictures on social media, they can prevent some of terrorizing ISIS wishes to do to the internet community.

While ISIS is something only a fool wouldn’t take seriously, it doesn’t mean one can’t make fun of them too.  That has been done throughout the years, althro many will cringe in retrospect on how over the top it got in World War II, especially against the Japanese (althro Japanese did the same thing to Americans, that is often conveniently overlooked, of course).

Some rules to protect the idea of a difference between mainstream Islam and ISIS Islam are in effect.  We at Icygeek thought there was a rule against showing ham, until we reread the article and saw it said porN, not porK.  (Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a decent monitor cleaner?)  Understandable in order to avoid Safe Search censorship, but given how widespread porn is on the Internet, positions both for and against are defensible..

If only ISIS-Chan had a pet penguin, she would be more popular. #justsaying


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