Editorial: The Hulk Hogan Situation

WWF old logoIt has been a topic of conversation online for 40 hours now, about how WWE scrubbed all mentions of Hulk Hogan from their website, due to him making alleged racist remarks some 8 years ago.  But the whole situation is ridiculous, for a multitude of reasons.

1)  He obviously did it out of anger.

He was upset over his daughter’s boyfriend, and used the tried and true word for blacks that one dislikes.  This is nothing really bad.  Even black “comedian” Chris Rock once said “I like blacks, but I hate niggers”, and went on to say why he did hate the latter.  Any white who has never had to refer to those who are melanin enhanced by the latter word have lived a charmed life.  If we are all honest with ourselves, we can all come up with individuals who deserve the term…the rioters who stole from and burnt businesses in Ferguson and Baltimore in the past year come to mind.  Anymore, being called a racist can be considered a compliment, as you are at least thinking critically instead of what you have been programmed to think.  The term is now more overused than calling someone a commie decades ago was.  It has lost a lot of its meaning.

2) He is getting the Chris Benoit treatment.

For those who may have forgotten, or hadn’t known, WWE wrestler Chris Benoit snapped one weekend due to cumulative brain damage in June 2007 and from it killed his wife and their child, and then killed himself.  Midway thru the next day’s WWE RAW, while they were eulogizing him, enough facts of the situtation came out that the WWE had to shift into eulogizing the entire family, and then the next night on their ECW show apologize for doing so.  Since then, they have done everything they could to hid his name, even going so far as to have Rey Mysterio have the record longest time in a Royal Rumble so that Benoit no longer held that claim.  They are now doing the same thing to Hulk Hogan.  What?  Using that most notable word several times is the equivalent of murdering your wife and child and then committing suicide?  That is insane.  Also, do you think you can get people to forget Hulk Hogan’s attachment to WWE?  Other than The Rock, Hulk Hogan is the best known former WWE wrestler there is.  WWE looks ridiculous in scrubbing his name.

3) Apologizing is fruitless

Hulk Hogan has since apologized for using this term eight years ago.  It will do him no good.  The SJWs love to persecute anyone they can get away with doing so as it is the only way they can feel good about their pathetic selves.  Has apologizing done Fuzzy Zoeller any good?  Did it help Paula Deen?  Has it helped Colin Cowherd?  Meanwhile, look at Donald Trump.  The not-so-intelligent intelligentsia wants Trump to apologize for pointing out that illegal aliens are murdering Americans and taking away potential jobs, and he stands firm.  What is it getting him? Greater and greater approval of people who wants the nonsense stopped.  All Macy’s, NBC, and Univision did in dropping ties with Trump is make Trump a martyr.  Martyrs are very powerful, especially ones that can still communicate.  All Trump had going into the primaries was name recognition, but by refusing to apologizing he looks like a fighter, and it is rewarding him with poll numbers.

4)  It shows how badly WWE’s priorities lie

Let’s remember that WWE fired Hogan before the leak actually happened.  This kowtowing to the fads of political correctness and trying to be loved by the masses is not good for its bottom line.  In the late 90’s the WWE was cutting edge; now it is too busy trying not to offend its corporate partners that it produces a very boring product.  RAW has been having its weakest ratings performances ever.  It needs to liven things up.  It doesn’t have to be gross stuff like an elderly woman giving birth to a hand or having someone fake making out with a corpse, but sheesh.  Everything is so paint the numbers and by the insistence of writers having wrestlers remember lines instead of being spontaneous, it makes a flat show.  I haven’t watched a whole episode of RAW live now for almost a year, instead watching Radio Dead Air over the internet at the same time as RAW.  Sure the host is rather heterophobic, but he does do an entertaining show, with music and commentary.

RAW is the reason I went ahead and started renting a DVR, as RAW was just too painful to watch live.  I fast forward thru half the matches, especially when they feature wrestlers that have been illustrated as nobodies (Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus) or wrestlers needed to have been gotten rid of years ago (Big Show, Randy Orton, Kane).  When I finally watched RAW on the DVR last week I saw a perfect opportunity for one diva (Lana) to strip another (Summer Rae) of her clothes, as the latter was dressed up like the former does as a way to mock her.  Instead, all we saw was a catfight between two women who were dressed in a matter that not only took away from their natural beauty, but also took away from the main event match between male wrestlers who mean more to the bottom line than the two females did.



All in all, all WWE did was pour fuel on the fire, and make it a even bigger spectacle, all to preemptively appease a bunch of drama queens that don’t want to be happy ever.  Here’s hoping that Hogan wins the full $100 million he is suing Gawker for because he deserves it, and with that money just stay home in Florida and enjoy retirement.  He has deserved it, and when WWE finally comes crawling back to him, he can tell them to pound sand.

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