Welcome to the Hotel Robotica!

Have you ever just had it with human hotel employees?  Well, the days you have been unknowingly been wishing for may soon come to pass as, thanks to Japan (of course), the next wonder of the world is developing as…the first robot hotel on planet Earth has been opened in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan.

Japan’s robot hotel opens its doors

That this opened as part of a theme park makes sense.  Having been appalled at the prices for Disney World hotels for 20 years, a room rate of $60 a night for the lower end rooms sounds great, with the costliest rooms being $153.  We definitely have a yen to go to these. (sorry/not sorry)

When you listen to all the tech involved in each room, the only thing that sounds missing is a dining area.  All the automation involved, including adjusting the room’s temperature by reading body heat, definitely makes this hotel sound like it belongs in the 21st century.

They said they pan to build 1,000 hotels in the world with this technology.  Given how much a very high increase in the minimum wage keeps getting brandied about, it is only a matter of time before every company in the world wants this tech.  Especially if the front desk is staffed by a robot dinosaur (which this hotel actually has…the geek factor is skyrocketing from this news already.

When we at Icygeek can finally experience this ourselves, we will let you know.

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