We at Icygeek are geography geeks.  Rare thing, we know, but still it happens.  So it is interesting to read about a park in Europe called Phantasialand that……a writer for recently visited and shared his experiences.

Phantasialand: The Best Theme Park You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Everyone has heard of Disney World, or course, and has probably heard of the Euro Disneyland.  Well, this is a cheaper alternative.  This sounds like a fascinating place.  One of the themed areas is 1920s Germany, which is supposed to be a time where the rich gathered in Berlin to make it a happening place, which sounds odd when in American history classrooms you hear of 1920s Germany you hear how Germany was being made to pay up to everyone for losing World War I, which in turn led Germany to do something even worse in the 1930s.  Still, it is an interesting history lesson, and the ability to shoot mice on a ride similar to shooting aliens at the Men in Black ride at Universal Studios Florida is just too much fun kitsch to pass up.

The Mexico section seems to have the most nausea-inducing ride ever created in Talocan.  You have to go to the article and watch that video.  UGH!!!  The hard side in Mission:Space at EPCOT sounds less sickening than this contraption.  These seems to be the true Montezuma’s revenge.


Of course, the biggest problem in this park would be that everything is in German, a langage that believes that you should never say a word in 1-2 syllables when you can instead say the word in 5-6 syllables.  Still, it seems like a fun time and, should we at Icygeek ever get to go to Europe, we will endeavor to try to visit the place.  Especially a place where visitors are allowed to to their fogs into the park.  I wonder if they have any rules against taking penguins?

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Why do you have a picture from Busch Gardens and not Phantasialand?

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