The Flash Gets “Edgier” in Season 2.

Since the 1990’s, TV and movies seems to think to be successful you have to have edgier and edgier product. But for its second season The Flash becomes the best way to get edgier by…

…having Adam “Edge” Copeland portray the supervillain Atom Smasher and an upcoming episode (episodes?), according to Comics Alliance.

We at Icygeek have long been fans of Edge, a former multi-time champion for the WWE, who had to retire prematurely due to neck injuries.  His career-making tag team ladder match at No Mercy 1999 can be appreciated even by non-wrestling fans.  Edge has acted before in the movie [amazon text=Highlander: Endgame&asin=B004U7MQYC], a movie we have been intending to watch.

The Flash was perhaps the best TV show to premiere last year, and this year definitely promises to be great as well.

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